Mir Hadia Ashiq Talks About His book “The Travelling Pages-Everywhere Echoes”

Writing a poem is not about bringing some words together to create some charming sentences. It’s so much deeper than that. Writing poetry is a bridge which I hope that it will make me understand the every walk of life.

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“Naadan Parindey” by Ankit Trivedi-Book Review

To change a person’s life, one incident is enough. However, it is a matter of choice that defines a person’s life otherwise. The book “Naadan Parindey: Ek Prem Katha” written by Ankit Trivedi, resonates with this central idea, and it is only when the readers reach a certain point when they realize this. On the surface, appears to be a simple Hindi fiction book that depicts the linear life of the characters that feature in the book.

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“Atmashakti ki Yatra” by Bhanu Pratap Yadaw-Book Review

The poems revolve around various themes like life, motivation, betrayals, nature and self-awakening. The author has written simple yet deep and engaging poems on everyday life topics. The problems we face in our everyday life, the plants we see around us, the climate changes, the changes in human behavior, and a lot more regular happenings in our lives are portrayed by the author in a rhythmic way.

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Saksham Gupta Talks About His Book “Me & She”

books are not just the stories that we relate to the previous century or the modern way of writing, they are the feelings of an Author. Similarly, this book “ME & SHE” is not just a story to enjoy, it’s an emotion to feel and live. However; to some extent the writing style has definitely changed by the time now.

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Empathy Highest Form of Intelligence.

Empathy is the highest form of intelligence. People who practice empathy are better at handling life situations and relations in various aspects of life whether personal, emotional, family, social as it forms the strength behind emotional intelligence that is vital in leading a peaceful and successful life.

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“Stabbed” by Shambhavi Singh Book Review

The darker side of life finds less expression in literary writing as the darker aspects may be disturbing to many minds. But that does not mean that reality can be denied as it exists the way it is, irrespective of its acceptance or not. “Stabbed” by Shambhavi Singh is one of the few books that bear this impression where the author boldly talks about the time of life when everything goes upside down and all plans go haywire

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