An Interview with Vibhor Gupta Author of the Book “The Secrets to Success in Futures & Options”

There are lot of informations available here and there related to futures and options which may confused traders and investors , most of the them learnt in a hard way after having severe losses. I think its not always necessary to learn stock market by our own experiences, crisp and clear document on the subject including undisclosed stuff on the subject may help them to have a complete control in this business.

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The Family Man: Season 2 – Web Series Review

After much speculation and protests to ban, the second season of “The Family Man” hit the screens a day before its scheduled date. The Manoj Bajpayee starring series took the spy-action series into a different realm and corner of the country where the main action takes place.

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‘Aftermath: The Purpose and Conflict’ by Ajay Menon

An example of one such exciting amalgamation is Ajay Menon. A’s novel, “Aftermath: The Purpose and Conflict.” Through his work, the author takes the readers into a universe that is both far from exploration and even imagination.

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