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Smitha Kulkarni Book Launch 1
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About The Novel ‘The Secret Escape to a New Life’ The universe has a beautiful plan and a purpose for each of us. However, not all of us are

Book review of The Book- Spandan- In The Literature Times.
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“Spandan” is a magnificent collection of Hindi poems that brilliantly illustrates, via the medium of poetry, the complexity and depth of the human experience. The

Kawleshar Prasad Chaudhary: The Man Behind - "Spandan", talks about the book.
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Kauleshwar Prasad Chaudhary, a renowned Hindi poet, was born into a farming family in the village of Ginjas Kasba, Bihar state, on January 1, 1945.

gauree khan
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Gauri Khan, an interior designer and wife of Shah Rukh Khan, is preparing to make her debut as an author with a coffee-table book titled

Khakhee The Bihar Chapter
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Set in Bihar, a state with one of the highest crime rates and lowest conviction rates, Khakee’s first season presents a young and principled IPS

Bholaa box office collection
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Bholaa Box Office Collection: Ajay Devgn is All Set for Another Blockbuster Opening. Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn is set to make a remarkable comeback to

Author Punam Taori Talks About Her Latest book - "Soumitra- Ek Yodha."
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Author Bio: Writer Poonam Hemendra Tawari writes about mythological history. The author had stepped into this field at the age of 15 when the author’s

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Love poetry is a beautiful way to express the depth and passion of romantic feelings. It has been a staple of literature for centuries, dating

Book Review of the Book- “Soumitra: Ek Yodha” By our Author- Mrs. Punam H. Taori.
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The epics of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata have always been open to interpretations, new perspectives, or even retelling of the stories from a side

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When Jane Austen was writing “Pride and Prejudice,” she would not have imagined that the questions she had raised through the ironical mode would hold

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