“13 Nights of Tricks.” By Shaheen Kazi-Book Review

“13 Nights of Tricks” begins with a thought of the stories being inspired by reality or being based on the direct experience of the people. Such a framework gives the stories depth and makes sure that the stories appear as far more than just a ride in the world of horror.

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India won a historic bronze by defeating Germany 5-4 in the final minute of the game, with goalkeeper PR Srijesh saving a penalty corner. The Indians, headed by Manpreet Singh and coached by Australian Graham Reid, savored the historic moment with tears and hugs on the pitch.

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Sex/Life-Web Series Review

After having two children, any married life’s equation changes. But what happens when desire and obsessions are still living in a woman’s heart. A loyal and handsome husband, a loving father, but is it enough? At times, you need more than that. But when you don’t get that, you start going back in your memories. And from that memories, you pen down in your journal.

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