The Literature Times Magazine – Vol 1 Issue 1

When we began with The Literature Times earlier this year, we never thought about the milestones our venture would reach in such a short time. It overwhelms us to see that our thought which popped up amidst other discussions, would take us to such great heights. Likewise, the idea of a magazine solely dedicated to this amazed us even more, and we couldn’t help but try it out. We wanted to give the figures in contemporary literary writing a platform not just for recognition but to create history and a revolution in the world of literature.

Hence, our focus became not just endorsing authors but also on the frequent discussion topics in the literary circles. These include book reviews, stories of the lives and struggles of authors, articles addressing the frequently asked and popular questions among authors, and also decided to have an interesting article on psychology. We also decided to make an effort by addressing the infamous pandemic in the hope of relieving our readers from the stress it has induced in one of our topics. Our team dived into all the resources we had and came up with the best information we could find. Of course, we would have loved to include more topics that may be resonating in the minds of our loyal readers, but since this magazine is just a product of our idea, these are merely baby steps.

Happy Reading!

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