Inspiring Women Awards 2022 – Awards Announced by “Brand Collaborators” in association with “The Asian Literature” 

So, if you are ‘that someone’ who wants to give a fight and make a name for yourself, by being that ‘Inspiring Woman’ who is not having much to back you up in your stride to engrave your name in the world, then we are here to provide you a stage to value your efforts. We believe that the ones who carries the spirits to shine against the odds deserves to be recognised. Therefore, the esteemed jury members of “Brand Collaborators” in association with “The Asian Literature” have made sure to acknowledge all such inspiring women of our society. We will give the due to those women who have the will power to take some unconventional and brave steps in their journey of live!

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Translator Daisy proved Senior Journalist Mark Tully’s words true about translations – The Booker’s Prize 2022

Geethanjali Shree’s book, ‘Tomb of Sand’, originally ‘Ret Samadhi’, the first-ever Indian book that won The Booker’s Prize -2022 was translated from the Hindi language to English by Daisy Rockwell has given a new breeze to the Indian regional language literature. Hoping to see more of Indian regional literature spreading into the world!

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Mai Aswatthama Bol Raha Hoon by Amaresh Prasad Bhandary – Review By Neel Preet

It is hard to put down a book, when the writer makes sure to write a compelling storyline with all the momentous events mentioned in the plot. Well, such is the case of this remarkable religious & mythological title, “Mai Aswatthama Bol Raha Hoon” by Author Amaresh Prasad Bhandary. The book is spectacular mix of extraordinary events and the actions that occurred in an era long back, when there was a fight between the good and the evil.

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