Pious Role by Ahan Sengupta & Srijan Sengupta: Book Review

Pious Role by Ahan Sengupta & Srijan Sengupta: Book Review

In this captivating collection of short stories titled, “Pious Role” by authors Ahan Sengupta and Srijan Sengupta, both non-verbal autistic young adults offer readers a kaleidoscopic view of the world through the lens of 34 thought provoking narratives. These stories are a remarkable collaboration between the twin authors, delve into the intricate layers of human relationships, emotions, and the diverse facets of life. The incredible efforts put forward by the authors in this title of theirs is simply praise worthy. With each chapter, presenting an altogether new and fresh story, the authors had simply created magic with their words and wonders with the stories in this book. Undoubtedly, the stories are written in such a manner that they will definitely strike the readers!

Author Ahan Sengupta, is a dreamy boy. People call him autistic. The world he sees is captured in words more through pen than through modulations of vocal cord. There are so many glimpses of this in the book inching towards a full-grown youth. Whereas, Author Srijan Sengupta is a happy boy in teens. He has a knack of traveling. He enjoys music. He writes stories, poems and anecdotes on various topics in both English and Bangla. It rises from the inner depth of his mind. A person who is not like you should not be dumped in any acronym such as autism. Their woe is like yours, their happiness also. This book, “Pious Role” that is published and released by Astitva Prakashan in November 2023 shows you that. The book is available in paperback as well as in e-book format and the readers can grab a copy of this title from any of the top online marketplaces.

This book, “Pious Role” by Authors Ahan Sengupta and Srijan Sengupta kicks off with a blend of brevity and depth, with stories ranging from succinct pieces of about 100 words to more elaborate tales surpassing 1000 words. The diversity in length mirrors the multiplicity of characters and situations that unfold within the pages. As Ahan takes the lead in writing 29 stories, Srijan contributes five, creating a harmonious narrative symphony. The stories traverse various stages of life, portraying characters that span generations, teenagers grappling with the complexities of envy, jealousy, friendship, attraction, and love, as well as adults navigating the intricacies of relationships, career, and self-discovery. The anthology mirrors the rich tapestry of society, with characters embodying roles such as students, teachers, stockbrokers, doctors, authors, and CID officers!

In one of the prominent story of this title, “Silly” the character of Sraddha encounters a childhood crush, revealing the enduring impact of past connections. While, another prominent story of this title, “Heir” navigates the uncertainties of a polyamorous relationship and the search for paternity. Whereas, “Immersion” unfolds the realization of an unsettling truth during a moment of solitude, and “Avenge” explores the profound understanding of the present through a diary’s revelations. Well, through the ‘34 Reading Worthy Chapters’ in this title, the authors had made a very commendable attempt to present the readers with an incredible collection of reading worthy stories.

Now, if we look at the Book Title, “Pious Role” then one can say that the title for this book is certainly an appropriate one. Moreover, with reference to the collection of chapters added to this book by the authors, the book title makes complete sense. Also, it is a very Catchy Title and this is something, which makes the book even more interesting, as the title itself compels you to pick up this book for a read. In this case, the title is giving a very interesting vibe so you would feel the urge to go inside the chapters and try to understand the Authors’ thoughts. In addition, the title of this book is very much “Justified” with regards to the reading worthy chapters present in this book. Undoubtedly, it is a very apt Book Title for this book & the authors had been extremely wise to go for this title!

Well, on reaching the Readers’ Connect part it becomes obligatory to mention that the authors has done a tremendous job with their literary fictional novel. One notable aspect of “Pious Role” is its ability to capture the essence of romanticism, explore the dynamics of relationships, and delve into the realms of revenge. The stories unfold in settings familiar to many themes like college and university campuses, drawing readers into the relatable experiences of the characters. Whether it is the innocence of school crushes or the complexities of polyamorous relationships, the authors tackle a wide spectrum of human experiences with sensitivity and insight.

The storytelling style is marked by the flashes of insight, rich emotions and human pathos. Through a variety of perspectives and narrative techniques, the authors skilfully mirror the real world. Flashbacks and moments of introspection lead to profound realizations, adding depth to the characters and their journeys. What makes this title stand out is its ability to bridge the gap between the authors’ unique perspectives and the universal human experience. The stories are not just a reflection of the authors’ creativity but also an invitation for readers to explore the complexities of life and relationships with empathy and understanding!

Now, coming to the final part of this review, i.e. the Book Verdict, we can conclude that a title like, “Pious Role” is for sure a MUST READone. Well, the book deserves a chance by the readers, as it is an exceptional literary achievement, which truly transcends the boundaries of conventional storytelling. Ahan Sengupta and Srijan Sengupta have crafted a poignant and insightful collection that resonates with the raw authenticity of human experiences. It is not just a book; it is an invitation to step into the shoes of others, experience life’s joys and challenges, and appreciate the richness of our shared humanity.

As a reader, you will find yourself drawn into the rich narrative tapestry woven by Authors Ahan and Srijan. The anthology is not just a collection of stories; it is an exploration of the human condition, an acknowledgment of the diverse roles we play in each other’s lives and a testament to the authors’ ability to convey profound emotions despite their non-verbal communication challenges!

Book Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9358380985

Book: Pious Role

Authors: Ahan Sengupta & Srijan Sengupta

Publisher: Astitva Prakashan (2023)

Total Pages: 160

Reviewed By: Neel Preet

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