Akshay Masurekar (Akki) – Author Feature

Akshay Masurekar (Akki) – Author Feature

Author Bio: Step into the world of Akshay Masurekar, affectionately known as Akki, in his debut book “The Will and Other Short Stories.” As the Founder & CEO of SAMAKSH Holistic Wellness, Akki has dedicated his life to guiding individuals towards their true potential. His expertise as a Transformational Catalyst, Motivational & Spiritual Speaker has made him a sought-after Coach  & Mentor for Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Students, helping them overcome obstacles and ignite the flames of success through Coaching, Talks, and Mentoring.

At the core of Akki’s philosophy is a deep-seated passion for understanding the profound influence of emotions on our overall quality of life. In “The Will and Other Short Stories,” he skillfully weaves together six captivating tales, each revolving around distinct emotions such as Greed, Love, Hope, Fear, Lust, Jealousy, and Faith, to showcase how these powerful forces can shape the course of our lives.

“The Will and Other Short Stories” is more than a collection of tales; it’s an intimate exploration of the human experience. Akshay Masurekar invites you to delve into these narratives with an open heart and an inquisitive mind, to reflect upon the intricate dance between our innermost feelings and the choices we make.

Prepare to be captivated, enlightened, and moved as you uncover the hidden truths of your own heart and soul through the lens of Akki’s storytelling. These stories will not only entertain but also inspire personal growth and self-discovery. “The Will and Other Short Stories” is a testament to Akki’s wisdom and storytelling prowess, leaving readers with a profound sense of reflection and the motivation to embrace their own emotional journeys.

The Literature Times: Akshay, welcome to The Literature Times. Congratulations on the publication of your book! What feedback have you received from your readers? Please share your thoughts on this book.

Author: Thank you, The Literature Times, for this opportunity. The first feedback has been wonderful. Readers find this book really interesting and engaging. While they liked all the stories, they especially enjoyed “The Will,” “Perfectly Planned Murder,” and “Known Devil, Unknown Ghost.” Many have said they couldn’t stop reading  a story or chapter until they finished it.

The Literature Times: What motivated you to become a writer?

Author: I’ve always loved writing. When I was young, I kept a travel diary where I wrote about my thoughts and experiences like stories. I used to share it with my aunt, and she encouraged me to write more. As I grew up, I started writing blogs, newsletters, making videos, and crafting PR stories professionally. Finally, this journey led me to create and publish these six stories. For me, it’s been an amazing journey.

The Literature Times: What are your favourite writing topics? Please tell us a little bit about your literary interests.

Author: I am passionate about empowering people to “Get Unstuck” and “Design their Lives through self-awareness and self-sufficiency. That’s why I enjoy discussing Life, Purpose, and Growth. My first book centered on Emotions and Relationships. For my next book, I aim to delve deeper into Life, Purpose, and Growth. These topics are weighty, so I plan to explain them using stories. People have a fondness for stories, and we often learn valuable lessons from them.

The Literature Times: We were hoping you might tell us about some of the authors that have influenced you and who you read!

Author: I’ve admired authors like John Grisham, Ravi Subramanian, and Amish Tripathi. However, due to my profession, I now focus on books about Emotional Wellbeing, Life Scripts, and Transactional Analysis. I feel it’s time to strike a balance between fiction and non-fiction reading. While these legendary writers are exceptional, they haven’t directly influenced my literary journey as I’ve just begun. Instead, I draw inspiration from the individuals I work with—my coachees and mentees—and the people around me.

The Literature Times: The titles are unique and appealing; how did you come up with them? Please tell us the story behind it.

Author: The titles for my stories were decided after I developed the plots and characters. Initially, the stories were not related, and it was only later that the theme of ‘Emotions and Relationships’ emerged. In the first story, ‘The Will,’ the title was based on the main element of ‘the legal will.’ Similarly, the titles for the other stories were chosen based on their plots and main elements. However, ‘Known Devil, Unknown Ghosts’ was a title suggested by my dear wife, and I instantly decided to use it for that story.

The Literature Times: What are your achievements so far? Tell us something about your writing career.

Author: Since this is my first book, it might be too soon to discuss my literary accomplishments. However, I can share my professional achievements.

As the Founder & CEO of SAMAKSH Holistic Wellness and a Transformational Catalyst I have guided individuals on their journey to Emotional Empowerment, ignited their Passion & Purpose, helped them Manage Social Anxiety, boosted their Confidence and Transformed their Mindset.

I have trained 100+ people on Emotional Intelligence, Managing Emotions and Giving Effective Feedback. Successfully coached 50+ people to Overcome their Fear of Failure and Social Anxiety.

Enabled 40+ people to successfully overcome their Emotional and Physical pain, by helping them transform the way they Think, Feel, and Act.

The Literature Times: What is your current goal in writing a career? How do you see your future in writing?

Author: Writing will never just be a job for me. It’s an essential part of who I am, my thoughts leadership initiiatives and my mission to lead and empower others to be their best selves. I aim to accomplish this through stories, be they short stories or novels.

The Literature Times: Do you have any other novels in the works? Please keep us updated on your future endeavours.

Author: I do have a story brewing in my mind, but it’s too early to discuss it in detail. What I can share is that it’ll be a fictional novel about the life of a wealthy family. This story will weave together mystery, drama, love, and intricate relationships.

The Literature Times: How do you view Indian writing in the twenty-first century? What changes do you see in today’s writing style? Do you feel it has been changed by the time?

Author: Indian literature has undergone a significant transformation, tailoring the stories we read today to suit both the young audience and the present times.

Amish Tripathi, Ravi Subramanian and Chetan Bhagat – these stalwarts are blending traditional storytelling with modern elements, incorporating multiple perspectives, nonlinear narratives, and unconventional structures. This shift allows for a richer and more dynamic reading experience.

The Literature Times: How simple/difficult was it for you to publish your book? What message do you want to send to aspiring authors?

Author: I want to express my gratitude to my publisher, Astitva Prakashan, for making this entire experience seamless. Writing this book took three years, and it took another year for me to decide on publishing it. I struggled with self-limiting beliefs and fear about publishing, which held me back. Speaking to established author friends encouraged me to take a leap of faith.

In July 2023, I finally made the decision to publish the book. During my online search, I came across Astitva Prakashan, reached out to them, and the rest, as they say, is history. I want to encourage all aspiring authors to have faith in their abilities and take that leap of faith. The journey might be challenging, but it’s also empowering. It will propel you forward in life with strength and vigor.

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