12:37 By Iti Pawar

12:37 By Iti Pawar

Contributing to the literary genre called poetry, this amazing title “12:37”authored by poet Iti Pawar is undoubtedly a reflection of the author’s self as happy or sad or engulfed with thoughts of the past endeavors and failures at times. Moreover, being one of the mass called humans, her work is a successful attempt in portraying the ups and downs and sunny and the cloudy days that every human comes across in life.

Through the ‘32 Thought Provoking Poems’ featured in this book, author-poet Iti Pawar has truly presented the readers and the poetry lovers with a thoughtful new age poetry. With her brilliant work in this poetry collection, Iti has proved that the notion of poetry occurs when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance. Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality!

Author-Poet Iti Pawar is a queer, Indian, and hard of hearing high school student. Born in Chicago and raised in Mumbai, she spends every waking moment thinking about who she is and how her mind works. She expresses these thoughts through poetry and prose, aptly fitting the meaning of her name – “the beginning of a new chapter.” She writes for the unseen people, the ones who feel far too bothered to think they could ever belong. Love lies in the hollow of her bones as words swim through her bloodstream, the two entangling to create her debut collection, “12:37.”

Before exploring further, let me mention that the author has not followed any particular theme for her poems. The theme in her poems would vary from romance to sadness to thoughts of identity to hope, as the readers would turn around the pages to read a new poem. Well, undoubtedly this title, “12:37” is having a brilliant collection of poems, one after another (un-numbered), that presents the hapless feelings of a teenager in the modern times. In addition, the poems in this title are a blend of topics across different genres, since the poet has composed these poems over her feelings, which she felt in the past 5 years. Whereas, the poet describes her work to be a collection of poems about the thoughts one has when they have too much time to themselves!

Coming to the choice of the book title by the author for her work, let me mention that the author has been wise enough to go for a real ‘Catchy Title’ for her poetry collection book. The title, “12:37” for this poetry collection book is certainly an appropriate one, with reference to the collection of poems added to this book by the Author. A title, so unique and thought provoking simply compels you as a poetry lover to pick up this book for a read. In this case, the title is also giving a very interesting vibe, which will urge to go inside the chapters and try to understand the Author’s expression of words. In addition, I must mention that the title of this book is much justified with regards to the poems in this book. Undoubtedly, it is a very apt for this poetry collection book.

Now, if we look at the book cover then we shall see the mentioning of “the book’s title in the format of time displayed via a digital clock, along with 3 airplanes in the night sky with clouds on the top” on the book’s front cover is creating a very “Specular Impression!” In addition, the book cover is also reflecting a very interesting as well as thought provoking vibe just like the book’s title. The readers can interpret the book cover design in a thousand different ways as per their sense of interpretation. However, the most common interpretation could be that the illustration of ‘Time Display’ on the book cover is showing the Author’s idea of portrayal of those phases, which lead her to the composition of these poems!

Well, the way authorhad expressed herself with her well versed poems in this poetry collection book, “12:37” is something really incredible and is undoubtedly an enough reason for you to shift your focus towards her poems and give this book a chance. It is the poet, who plays the pivotal role in touching the inner cords of our emotions and making us believe and think the way their words intend to and Author-Poet, Iti Pawar had done this job in an exceptionally top notch manner. Moreover, the Author had beautifully expressed her feelings through her deep words and had given a Strong-Start to the poems; also, you can see that most of these poems had retained their flow until the very end, which gives you an immense amount of satisfaction as a poetry lover.

Finally, coming to the overall conclusion or the verdict for this book, let me right away say that a title like “12:37” is for sure a Must-Read oneand deserves a chance. The way author had penned down her emotions and feelings through her writings will make you go deep into the poems and find out the hidden meanings of the words, used in these poems. Author Iti Pawar is a promising young poet, who is very honest with her emotions, which makes her writings honest and reading worthy as well.

Book Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9354468802/

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