A Tale of Nothingness – Poem by Priyanka Banerjee

A Tale of Nothingness – Poem by Priyanka Banerjee

A Tale of Nothingness

I forget about the moments of Forgetfulness, restlessness,
When the sky was blazing fire,
But I was lost in my woods of blank spaces, thoughts of defeat, ire.
Masked faces disappeared fast
As I was about to remember
When I met him last
In a solitary room of a hospital
Where droplets of fancy
Failed to kiss my soft, rose petals.

I am no more that old,
Primitive self, ancient structure,bearing with the traces of the mines of diamond, silver, pearls and gold !
Multiple selves talk to me in the Tempestuous night
When I fight alone,
With wrinkled skin of the witches of Arabian tales –
Dull evenings enter into my soul
And I stare at the voiceless craters of my Adolescent moon, the disrupted whole,
My paradigmatic paradise !

My lies !

My innumerable shadows, voice, strifes,
Lost word’s lost insolence!
Betrayed worshipper’s faithlessness,
Vague benevolence,
A child’s fancy, an adult’s innocence !
Matters turned into air of intense, fragrant essence of nothingness !

Thy name I still remember.

My love !
My lost transcendental moment’s
One and only structured existence.

Nothingness –
Between my life and death,
You are the only truth
That I can smell
And strive hard
Not to feel
How the heaven of memories
Will ever merge with
The hell of unpardonable moment’s caged room.


I curse thee,
Yet, I cling to thee as you are my only
And I am your only goddess,
Pining for the snakebite,
My rights, my assassinated self !

My traces of traces,
That I still feel
And then again forget about
My forgotten life,
As the veil of mist fall upon the abode of my burnt up thoughts !

Copyright @ Priyanka Banerjee

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