Akhila Saroha Reviews The Gifted Words | Author Manish Kumar | The Literature Times

Akhila Saroha Reviews The Gifted Words | Author Manish Kumar | The Literature Times

Human lives seem to be a bed of roses when projected in the utopian world. Only on closer reality checks, one understands the little intricacies they embody and the delicate fragments that form emotions. A product of a thorough understanding of these intricacies and observations of life is Manish Kumar’s novel, “The Gifted Words.” After his debut novel, “When Love Happens,” “The Gifted Words” explores life from a different perspective, which also introduces the readers to the multi-dimensional world that Kumar explores through his artistic personality.

Kumar’s book begins with a baffling situation where the readers’ curiosity shoots up in wonder as to what events would have conspired in the past. As a narrator, Prince makes sure to reveal details that are enough for the readers to know at that moment. He assumes his roles in the first and third-person whenever required, which detaches the author from the narrative and frees the book from his hold. Sneha’s side is also presented once in a while which also ensures that the readers get to know the stories of multiple families that Kumar tries to traverse. In the midst of this, he talks about various themes and issues that form a fragment of any household. These themes include family, relationships, the fragility of life, living in the moment, happiness in little things, the importance of connectivity to roots, nostalgia, and the beauty of love in any bond.

Such themes and ideas given Kumar’s work a Nicholas Sparks’ flavor; however, he maintains his ingenuity by infusing it with lesser pathos. The readers feel close to the characters from the initial stages of “The Gifted Words” and remain connected till the very last words. Mature readers would find their interest in being in the instant hold of the book as it presents life’s realities in the face of it without any tampering or sugar-coating. Structurally, the novel is finely paced and does not let the readers lose track of any event anywhere. They remain in tune with the narrative throughout. It features a variety of characters, but the central characters do not leave the stage even in their absence. Minor characters give their contribution as per needs.

All readers who want to read a work that is infused with emotion, thoughtfulness, and maturity to understand life as it happens should take Kumar’s book for reading. It presents life’s realities, subtly and gracefully, making the book easily acceptable to the readers in an effortless style. Although his works feature youngsters, these youngsters represent the first impressions of the experiences life gives and how a young mind would respond when put in such situations. Hence, perceiving any work in the bracket of literary writing meant for young folks would not suggest doing complete justice to the kind of audience the work appeals to.

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