An Interview With Author Abhishek Mishra

An Interview With Author Abhishek Mishra

Neha Sharma: Hello Sir, firstly congratulations on your newly published book named Charioteer Creatures. It basically belongs to the genres thriller and mystery. What kind of a response have you been getting so far?

Abhishek Mishra: Thank you very much. Yes, it’s a thriller and mystery based novel and I am getting quite a good response from my readers. They are especially appreciating the way of writing and concept of the book. Most of the times when my readers ping me on my social media account, they say it is indeed a page-turner and they read it in single sitting, which means a lot to me.

Neha Sharma: For how long have you been writing and what keeps you motivated while doing that?

Abhishek Mishra: I can’t answer that question in a normal way like I took how many years and how much time have passed since I have been writing or getting motivated for writing. While writing this book, every single day and every single second I was consistently thinking about development of the concept. Continuous indulging with the characters has helped me a lot while writing the book.

Neha Sharma: Looking back at the point of time when you had started writing Charioteer Creatures, compared with the present, what all changes do you observe in self and surroundings?

Abhishek Mishra: A lot has changed – the way of looking at every single story, the concepts and different ideas, plot developments, using different styles, etc. “For getting the best results, you must keep upgrading yourselves.” I would like to mention that I am now writing the second book where I am using all the previous experiences to make it better than the previous one.

Neha Sharma: Bringing-out a mystery or thriller calls for an extra dose of creativity and enthusiasm so that the final outcome doesn’t sound clichè to the readers. How did you tackle this challenge in writing Charioteer Creatures?

Abhishek Mishra: One of my college friends Subornomoy Bose helped me. His advice really worked for me because he is a great follower of Manga series, especially “Detective Canon”.  While discussing about the concept, he suggested me to try to be more focused on every single part or chapter’s ending because this is going to be helpful in maintaining the pace and also getting the reader engaged with the story. Another suggestion was to make a 70-30 concept

Thus give the readers a 70% hint with the rest 30% needed to be judged or predicted. I strictly followed that. It is like you invite your friend for a surprise dinner party. You gave them an invitation, they know that it is a dinner party, invited guests and party destination. It is the 70% part but they need to keep waiting for the rest 30% to know what is in the menu. At last, you just need to cook delicious food that makes the promising end and pays-off all their wait and patience.

Neha Sharma: You have sound profiles in academics and profession. How do you balance between writing and other interests?

Abhishek Mishra: It is easy to balance because I am a writer by choice but other extra things are optional.

Neha Sharma: When did the concept of Charioteer Creatures firstly strike your mind as an idea? What was the foremost step you took to materialize that?

Abhishek Mishra: When I had started writing the book, it was strictly going to be a crime fiction where protagonist would find-out the greatest secret which could save the lives of millions of people, like an ordinary book. But then I realised that I needed to write something which had never happened earlier. Then I started searching and found the answer in a book called Kundalini by Om Swami. I was impressed with the book. After a lot of research, I decided that it was going to be my topic. While developing the plot myself, I tried to involve in daily life experiences and changes, our living style walk and our emotions as all these are needed in developing the character of any person. These helped me develop the characters. 

Neha Sharma: According to you, what is the best way out to deal with writer’s block which every writer faces at some point of time or the other?

Abhishek Mishra: Writing a book is itself a journey from its inception to end. It’s like a newborn child. Life struggles and then goes towards a pathetic end. I never experienced writer’s block since I am writing because writing itself is a journey. Once you start, you are going to meet the end. Also, the best part is that you always think about the end when you are writing. End always gives the path you need to come this way.

Neha Sharma: You and your writings are usually inspired by one of the greatest Indian authors Munshi Premchand. What do you adore the most about his writings and how does it impact yours?

Abhishek Mishra: I have read all the books of Munshi Premchand. When you start reading Munshi Premchand, you will get confused what you love the most about his writing – characters, plots, narrations and the background of the story etc. Furthermore, his writing style or his works get more and more enhanced and excellent throughout his books. I also want the same in my writing career. My next book should come out better than the previous one.

Neha Sharma: What message would you like to convey to your readers who might be waiting for your next book?

Abhishek Mishra: This time my readers are going to experience more fun, thriller or mystery. Most importantly, I think they are going to enjoy this more than my last project.

Neha Sharma: Do you also have any other plans in the field of writing? Apart from publishing your next book that is. It would be great if you could hint your readers about the same.

Abhishek Mishra: Yes, I want to do something in the field of poems and short stories. I have great plans regarding this. Apart from that, I am planning to write for some columns and magazines as well as blogging on various topics.

Neha Sharma: Thank you for your time and efforts to make this interview happen. Best wishes for your present and future endeavors.

Abhishek Mishra: Thank you so much for allowing me to express my view and points. And I also wish for the best.

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