Diptiman, a writer hailing from Odisha’s Kalahandi district, embarked on a unique journey from a conventional career in the corporate world to freelance writing, fueling his creative passion. His love for travel, storytelling, and singing has allowed him to connect with others, and he firmly believes that, no matter the challenges life presents, pursuing one’s dreams should always remain a non-negotiable pursuit. Diptiman’s story is a testament to his enduring spirit of perseverance and the pursuit of a life enriched by experiences, words, and music.

The Literature Times: What inspired you to write “The Wait Is Forever,” and how did the idea for the story come about?

Diptiman: “I initially had no specific idea in mind. I began the story like a typical love story. Over time, I got the notion to incorporate some suspense. However, for about two months, I struggled to formulate an ending. During this period, I would often write and then delete what I had written.”

The Literature Times: The book is set in different locations, from Delhi to Odisha. How did these settings influence the story and the characters’ development?

Diptiman: “I am originally from Odisha, and my educational journey took place in Delhi, which is why I have a deep understanding of both Delhi and Odisha. The characters in my story are carefully selected to reflect the essence of these places, and as the story progresses, the narrative will continue to revolve around the captivating landscapes of Delhi and Odisha.”

The Literature Times: Mihir’s quest to find Swati forms the core of the book. Can you share any personal experiences or sources of inspiration for this theme of reconnecting with a lost connection?

Diptiman: “There isn’t a specific source of inspiration, it’s a story about the resilience of the human spirit. Boys’ hearts often undergo transformation due to various reasons, and Mihir’s unwavering determination to find Swati is just one captivating facet of this narrative. It’s a tale of his unwavering enthusiasm, a sentiment shared by many.”

The Literature Times: “The Wait Is Forever” explores themes of love, destiny, and the enduring power of connection. What message or emotions do you hope readers take away from the book?

Diptiman: “In this captivating story, Mihir and Madhav share a remarkable friendship. Mihir’s profound respect for his family and his unwavering commitment to finding Swati imbue the narrative with themes of loyalty and determination. This engaging story is designed to resonate with readers on multiple emotional levels, leaving them with an unforgettable experience, save for the ending.”

The Literature Times: The use of social media and online personas plays a significant role in the story. How do you think this mirrors the way modern relationships are formed and maintained?

Diptiman: “In today’s rapidly evolving world, the influence of social media on the creation and dissolution of relationships is undeniable. When a relationship commences through the medium of social media, it becomes crucial to transition to face-to-face communication at the earliest opportunity. This shift is vital as it fosters a deeper connection and understanding, which I believe is essential for the relationship to progress and endure over time.”

The Literature Times: Could you tell us more about your writing process? How did you approach creating the characters and the emotional depth of the story?

Diptiman: “To pen this story, I’ve willingly sacrificed numerous sleepless nights. In a love story, the emotional depth is paramount for it to truly captivate the audience. Within this narrative, the portrayal of friendship is so masterfully crafted that it begins to form a profoundly heartwarming emotional connection with love.”

The Literature Times: As a writer, you’ve transitioned from a corporate career to a freelancing lifestyle. How has this shift influenced your writing and creative process?

Diptiman: “Since 2015, I’ve been ardently pursuing my writing journey, and the thought of publishing a book never crossed my mind initially. I firmly believed that a conventional 9 to 5 job wasn’t aligned with my true calling because life isn’t just about accumulating wealth; it’s about finding joy in one’s own endeavors. Writing, being my profound passion, became my wholehearted and fulfilling pursuit.”

The Literature Times: The book delves into the theme of destiny and the idea that some connections are meant to be. Do you personally believe in fate and destiny in your own life?

Diptiman: “I hold a deep and unwavering belief in this, and certain extraordinary events in my life have solidified my faith in fate and destiny. While I may not be able to disclose these occurrences at this moment, in the near future, when I write about my life, I will eagerly share these profoundly impactful experiences.”

The Literature Times: You’ve mentioned your passion for singing and music. How do you see the connection between your writing and your musical pursuits? Do they complement each other in any way?

Diptiman: “Music has had an incredibly profound influence on my life. Regardless of my mood, I have an enduring passion for listening to music. When I’m in the midst of writing, and words seem elusive, it’s the harmonious embrace of music that gently guides me out of that stressful time. Each time I immerse myself in the melodies, I not only find inspiration but also a tendency to hum along with the tunes. It’s music that has played a pivotal role in shaping my words into captivating stories.”

The Literature Times: What’s next for you as a writer? Can readers look forward to more stories from you in the future, and if so, could you provide a glimpse into your upcoming projects?

Diptiman: “I’m thrilled to share that my upcoming three stories, including a horror tale, a thrilling thriller, and an intriguing murder mystery, are already complete. Following this, I’m eagerly looking forward to crafting my own love story. Beyond that, I have a multitude of creative ideas that I’m determined to transform into compelling books.”

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