An Interview with Author Kamal H Muhamed

An Interview with Author Kamal H Muhamed

An Interview with Author Kamal H Muhamed. The book Daring Prince: Truth Revealed, memoir chronicles the life journey of the author, an impassioned social worker and advocate for human rights. With unwavering transparency, the author sheds light on both the triumphs and tribulations encountered along the way. Through candid narratives, introspective reflections, and accounts of personal challenges, the memoir aims to enlighten and educate readers about realities they may not have previously encountered.

The Literature Times: What inspired you to write “Daring Prince: Truth Revealed,” and what message do you hope readers will take away from your memoir?

Kamal H Muhamed:

See to be honest as Memoir clearly states that I had face bad times of my life when I was in UAE for around 4 years in remand on that circumstances I had lost my reputation my first family including my mother then my friends for reasons beyond my control. All news was spread through 3rd party channels with purely assumptions and prejudices without knowing the true facts. Hence I need to revel the truth for myself and to society. Look Sir, this memoir is written for my own satisfaction and truth revealed with 101 %. If readers, feel and find any good valuable points they can select for themselves.

One thing I would suggest based on my realization never try to implement or hammer your stringent wishes on your children on their future for show off with in society.

The Literature Times: Your memoir delves into both the bright and shadowy chapters of your life. How did you navigate the process of revealing such personal experiences with candour and honesty?

Kamal H Muhamed:

It is all Karma. I do not have words more than that. I strictly adhere to Karma.

The Literature Times: Can you share more about the pivotal moments in your life that led to your transformation from a “playboy” to a dedicated social worker and humanitarian?

Kamal H Muhamed:

This transformation happened truly during my days behind bars at UAE for around 4 years as mentioned above. It was a long period in those times in 90’s where the influence of social media was lacked. The mental and physical sufferings I encountered that time were unforgettable. It all started when I crossed my 3 months inside on seeing innocent expat inmates who were suffering with language barriers to prove their innocence before the prosecution and judiciary and you can just imagine the hassles during remand terms in country made out of kingdom where no values of Human Rights in place or acceptable. Still I carried out my selfless services to assist the weaker sections of inmates and found best way for few of their exit. I found happy on my selfless services seeing them leaving with smile even when I myself were stocked in.

The Literature Times: The dedication to your late father is a recurring theme throughout your memoir. How did his influence shape your values and guide your journey towards supporting noble causes?

Kamal H Muhamed:

Yes, during my childhood, I saw and remember my beloved dad (who passed away   in my early 20’s) practicing noble services to poor and needy regardless of caste creed or religion. This memoir took shape on myself to practice and follow his footsteps and devote this book in his name for carrying out selfless services with unconditional love and without much expectations.

The Literature Times: In your book, you mention receiving recognition through various awards, both in business and humanitarian endeavours. How do you feel these acknowledgments have impacted your life and work?

Kamal H Muhamed:

I am really a down to earth person by leading a simple and humble life without much expectation. As I said earlier I believe in Karma and these accolades were based on it. I am thankful to Almighty for rendering these opportunities with a value added strength on carrying out my human rights and social selfless services.

The Literature Times: Your commitment to humility and compassion shines through your narrative. How do you maintain these values in the face of challenges and adversity?

Kamal H Muhamed:

Yes, I do whatever task I take, first of all with positivity tuned with honesty sincerity and compassion. The confidence on the latter is my strength on facing challenges. Rest I leave to Karma.

The Literature Times: Throughout your journey, you’ve encountered highs and lows. Can you discuss some of the biggest challenges you faced and how you overcame them?

Kamal H Muhamed:

First was in 1995 at UAE during encounter with my employer an UAE national for my unpaid salaries who due to his arrogant behaviour and his strength of influence within society put a false complaint against and send me and co-worker to remand.

Later Employer himself was jailed for fraudulent activities. I was freed with my innocence and sincerity a part of Karma played its role. The Book reveals the Truth.

Second major challenge was faced in Yemen during 2015 with unexpected sudden war where I lost all hope and was evacuated along with my Yemeni wife and 3 tiny kids during Operation Rabat by Got of India. It was really nightmare during war days in Yemen.

The Literature Times: Your decision to refrain from using names in your memoir to protect individuals’ privacy is notable. Can you elaborate on your thought process behind this decision and its significance to you?

Kamal H Muhamed:

This is my own principle or you can name it as part of my personal behaviour. My intention of Authoring Book autobiography is to prove my innocence for my own satisfaction before leaving this world with society full of assumptions and prejudiced mind-set.

 As man with compassion and selfless service oriented, various good, Bad and ugly people have crossed through my life I feel not to put poison myself on bad and ugly by leaving it to Karma’s hands to its decision. However, if these players read or happened to read they can well understand the ugly part they played.

The Literature Times: You mention your faith in the Almighty as a guiding force in your life. How has spirituality influenced your personal growth and your dedication to humanitarian causes?

Kamal H Muhamed:

Yes of course Almighty is end provider of all strength behind my force.

 However, I have a childhood classmate Dr. Mohanji after meeting him after 38 years and his un conditional love and guidance influenced me spiritually. He is a lead for my humanitarian and social services.

The Literature Times: Lastly, what advice would you give to readers who may be struggling with their own personal challenges or seeking to embark on a journey of self-transformation?

Kamal H Muhamed:

First Know Yourself & Be Yourself

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