An Interview with Author Kunal Green – HeartBreak Not Again

An Interview with Author Kunal Green – HeartBreak Not Again

Author’s Background: Author Kunal Green, is known for his title, “HeartBreak Not Again…”which not only presents the readers with romance but also highlights the journey of the main character. Well, this book got released worldwide by Evincepub Publishing and is available in both paperback as well as in e-book format. Whereas, the readers can find this amazing title on any of the online marketplaces.


Neel Preet: Firstly, Congratulations on your book, “HeartBreak Not Again…”Well, can you please share your experience about making your work come into the form of book!

Kunal Green: Thank you so much! I want to express my gratitude for this interview opportunity. It’s been an incredible journey as a first-time author, and I’m thrilled to share that the reception of “Heartbreak Not Again” has been overwhelmingly positive.

Neel Preet: What inspired you to write this romantic title? What was the impetus behind this work of yours?

Kunal Green: As an avid fan of romance fiction literature, I’ve always found myself drawn to stories that explore the complexities of love. What struck me in many of these narratives was the common theme of either a singular love story or a love triangle. This led me to wonder whether love is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence or if it can happen countless times in a person’s life. I, as a human, can vehemently say “pyaar ek baar nahi hota hai.” It was this very idea that inspired the creation of my novel.

Neel Preet: Your book title, “HeartBreak Not Again…” is definitely a catchy one! So, can you please explain the reasons for going with this book title!

Kunal Green: The title reflects the central theme and emotional journey the protagonist undertakes. It signifies that despite experiencing heartbreak, he is determined not to let it define his future.

Neel Preet: Well, can you please explain that how is this book different from the other books of the same genre?

Kunal Green: “Heartbreak Not Again” offers a unique perspective on love and relationships. While it falls within the romantic fiction genre, it challenges the conventional notion that love is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The story delves deep into the complexities of human emotions, especially the protagonist who navigates through multiple love stories. I believe, such an exploration of the multifaceted nature of love sets it apart from many other books in the genre.

Neel Preet: Apart from this romantic fictional category, in which other genres would you like to make your contributions?

Kunal Green: I find myself drawn to stories that explore the complexities of human relationships, so I’d be interested in exploring genres like contemporary fiction and perhaps even some elements of drama. These genres provide a rich backdrop for delving into the intricacies of human emotions and interactions.

Neel Preet: Reading the plot of this book, I’m greatly impressed & I want you to explain us, in your version, that how this book will appeal the readers of the present day!

Kunal Green: “Heartbreak Not Again” addresses a timeless theme—the nature of love and heartbreak—but does so in a way that is relatable to readers of the present day. In a world where people are increasingly open to exploring diverse perspectives on love and relationships, the story resonates with those who may have experienced multiple facets of love in their own lives. It prompts readers to reflect on their own experiences and beliefs about love, adding depth and introspection to the romantic fiction genre.

Neel Preet: Next, I want you to tell us about some of those writers, who had inspired you!

Kunal Green: I must say that I am an avid reader and have a great appreciation for the novels of Smt. Sudha Murthy ji. Additionally, I admire Mr. Ravinder Singh’s ability to connect with readers through his writing, making it a delightful reading experience. In the world of non-fiction, I find myself drawn to the works of Mr. Yuval Noah Harari. Their writing styles and ability to convey meaningful stories have been a significant source of inspiration for me.

Neel Preet: Is there any message that you would like to convey to your readers? Or any piece of advice, which you would like to give to the readers out there!

Kunal Green: I’d like to encourage readers to approach love and relationships with an open heart and a willingness to embrace the complexities that come with them. It’s okay to experience heartbreak, as it can be a catalyst for growth and self-discovery. Embrace the journey and remember that love has the potential to touch our lives in many different ways.

Neel Preet: Are there any other books being worked by you? Please let us know about your future projects.

Kunal Green: While I cannot divulge specific details about my upcoming project just yet, I assure you that I am committed to delivering a more enthralling and engaging story to my readers.

Neel Preet: Thank you so much for answering all my questions. All the very best to you for future and your book too!

Kunal Green: Thank you so much! I sincerely appreciate the effort you put into crafting such questions and taking the time to discuss “Heartbreak Not Again” with me. Our conversation was both engaging and insightful and I look forward to meeting you again with my next book!

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