Anjali Vijay: Unveiling ‘Key to Hidden Fort Treasure’ – A Captivating Journey of Mystery and Adventure

Anjali Vijay: Unveiling ‘Key to Hidden Fort Treasure’ – A Captivating Journey of Mystery and Adventure

Meet Anjali Vijay, a versatile author, HR consultant, and storyteller extraordinaire. Her latest book, “Key to Hidden Fort Treasure”, takes readers on a captivating journey filled with mystery and adventure.

Join Anjali Vijay as she enchants readers with her compelling narratives and unlocks the imagination through the pages of “Key to Hidden Fort Treasure.” Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey filled with mystery, heritage, and the transformative power of storytelling.

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Let’s delve into author’s insights:-

Question 1: Tell me something about the ‘Key to Hidden Fort Treasure’ ?

Answer: The story is about Aanya Singh, a 10-year-old girl. She is curious, talented and a great observer. She unfolds a remarkable adventure during her summer vacation at her grandparents’ residence in Balagarh. 

Old historical Indian epics and bedtime stories combined with a series of events were individually insignificant but collectively significant for a vital clue about the centuries-old hidden treasure of Balagarh. 

The book has poems, illustrations, an engaging plot, relatable characters, elements of Hindu Mythology, nostalgic conversations, learning through reading and a cliffhanging end.

The Balagarh fort is very old

There are still many stories untold

Ruled by Kings – who were mighty and bold

I still remember the bedtime stories told

There was a hidden treasure of diamond and gold

Question 2: What inspired you to write this book – ‘Key to Hidden Fort Treasure’? 

Answer: I always thought about being an author, but due to my personal commitments, I could never ink the paper with my pen. I teach underprivileged students near my society, and somewhere during my teaching, I realized my storytelling skills. I was leading operations of an open board in North India & my documentation skills were highly appreciated.

The combination of documentation & storytelling skills made me realize I should ink the paper. When I was filled to the brim, I started writing the story.

Question 3: Why did you choose this topic?

Answer – I am from a Gujarati family & before marriage, I used to stay in Gandhidham. I still remember my first visit to Udaipur & I was fascinated by the grandeur of the forts of Rajasthan. I was later married in Rajasthan and visited many places with old historical forts.

The stories about the forts always excited me as they have rich culture & heritage. I felt treasure and forts combined make a great story.

Question 4: How do you incorporate the elements of Indian Mythology into storytelling?

Answer: I believe Ramayana, Mahabharata are scriptures which have great stories. These stories should be told in a way the younger generation should always remember them. The story remains the same, but each time the storyteller makes a difference. These old stories told with compassion, love and “Key for the treasure” can be remembered throughout life. Oh. Did I reveal the Key to Hidden Fort treasure?

Question 5: How was your Author’s journey?

Answer: The journey of becoming an author was deeply engraved with conviction in expression, a momentarily shift of penning down sentences with punch & thoughtfulness and moving myself to a deeper awakened in-self.

I have written most of the book during the early morning hours and realized creativity is at its peak during those hours.  

Question 6: Did you face any challenges while writing Key to Hidden Fort Treasure?

Answer:  The biggest challenge was a blank page waiting for me every morning & even more challenging was to fill the blank page before my little one was awake. I feel this challenge even today when I am about to complete my second book.

As the book is self-published, marketing the book and concentrating on the sequel was very challenging. I have overcome this challenge.

Question 7: Can you share any memorable feedback or reactions you have received from young readers of “Key to Hidden Fort Treasure”?

Answer: I was having dinner with my family in one of the restaurants in Gurgaon when a child came to me and asked – “Are you Anjali Vijay?” I said – “Yes,” and he told me – “I have read your book.” I was gratified when he recited the last poem without looking at the book. His parent said – “He loved your book.” This was the best gesture from my reader.

There has been great feedbacks about the book on Amazon and Goodreads. Each review gives me more energy to write even better.

Question 8: What future projects are you working on?

Answer: The book’s sequel is almost complete, and I am working with my publisher for the launch dates. I will be revealing the cover photograph of the sequel book soon.

Question 9: Can you give us a sneak peek into – “What readers can expect from the sequel to Key to Hidden Fort Treasure.”

Answer: Aanya Singh 10-Years Girl, again combines some of the bedtime stories and events with mythological stories to find centuries-old Pink Diamond hidden as a treasure of Balagarh. I am getting a lot of love and energy from the readers of Key to Hidden Fort Treasure and reciprocating the same in writing the sequel.

I am excited about – “How the manuscript is coming along.” The half manuscript is already edited, and my editor is super excited.  

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