Asthma Awareness Month 2023

“Asthma Care For All” -2023

May Month is the month for Asthma Awareness Month. It is the month to promote awareness, educate friends and family and understand respiratory issues. In this blog, let’s learn something about Asthma. Of course, you all know about Asthma, but do you understand the deep struggle of those suffering a lot? If you ever want to feel their feelings, close your nose and mouth for a minute, and you will get the answer. An asthmatic patient’s journey is not easy, especially if he or she is a child.

Due to the high pollution, especially in metropolitan cities, saving us from dust or heavy smoke daily is impossible. In the morning, people enjoy walking, but do they breathe fresh air into their lungs? I don’t think so. Due to a lot of pollution, the children suffer a lot. It is so sad to see a small child have to use an inhaler from a young age. Their playful childhood gets lost each day; they can’t do this, they can’t do that.

Children are our future.

When I was fifteen, all of a sudden, I discovered I was suffering from Asthma. Why Me? What had I done wrong? Neither I smoke; I am a school-going girl, so why am I suffering from asthma? I suffered a lot of hospital treatments too. These kinds of questions used to pop into my head. But I realized later, as I was living in Mumbai, the pollution of the metro city had grabbed me in it. I have lots of do’s and don’t in my medical life. I had lived my life under the banner of Asthma for so many years. It was never easy!

Until today, I face Asthma when interacting with a particular allergy. Think about the children; they are so sensitive. As an Adult, we all have responsibilities towards them. In the open area, many men smoke without realizing that each puff can harm non-smokers’ lungs too. Their drag is becoming the reason for that innocent child inhaling the air.

We can’t control pollution, but we can avoid our children’s exposure to polluted areas.

Identify Your Symptoms

Common Symptoms:

  1. A whistling or wheezing sound while breathing
  2. Shortness of Breath
  3. Chest Congestion
  4. Trouble Sleeping


Precautions are essential if you are going to live a healthy life. As an asthmatic patient, you know what disturbs your emotional state or eating habits. Be aware of those things which create a mess in your life. 

Always keep your Inhaler close to you wherever you go. It is a lifesaver in the problematic situation for the asthmatic patient. There are times when sometimes even Inhaler doesn’t help, then without any delay, visit in an emergency for your treatment. DON’T EVER IGNORE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!


Asthma can be challenging and stressful at times. It sometimes causes routine activities like exercise, work or sleep difficulties. Sometimes it becomes necessary to consult a doctor urgently. There are different reasons for asthma; sometimes, it comes from a family history. There are several reasons asthma can get out of hand, from difficulty accessing health care and inappropriate use of inhalers. To the extent possible, it is essential to talk to a physician about the symptoms to reduce the risk of serious complications or seizures. Asthma bursts in and out even if you take the appropriate precautions. Some things trigger asthma, like smoke, excessive cold consumption, changes in weather conditions and tiny cat or dog hair. Pay attention to these particular things, as something can cause an allergy. Few things are in your hands to avoid; it is our right to design our lives positively.

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