Author Interview: Jitendra Gangwani – The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 3

Author Interview: Jitendra Gangwani – The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 3

About The Author-

Jitendra Gangwani who is the teacher, public speaker, trainer, an author, going to be a doctor and a certified counsellor.

He is the founder of Jeet pinnacle spoken English training centre (where an attitude is trained).

He started his journey from Jaipur without money where he used to take classes at his home.

His journey started from school where he was teaching his friend an English subject wrongly. His teacher came stealthily and saw him, teaching wrongly.

She deposited the smack on his face, his spectacles fell down. Everyone in his class started grinning at him.

This humiliation ignited a burning desire in him to teach people and made him passionate about teaching. He has been teaching and training every walk of life person to speak English language Flawlessly through his Applied Method that is unique. He has trained in kota, Udaipur, Jaipur and so many cities of Maharashtra including Nagpur.

He has been putting up in Nagpur for 12 years and trained thousands of people to speak English language along with communication skills.

In his book “A Man Also Gives Birth” with the Subtitle of Humiliation to passion to profession. is amazing, he has mentioned how to succeed in life coz people quit on you but you don’t quit on yourself.


The Literature Times: Welcome, Jitendra. What has your experience been while writing this book?

Jitendra: my experience has been extremely amazing, superb while writing this book even still feel that I am on cloud nine.

The Literature Times: The book is quite different from other books. Did you find yourself getting emotional at certain points while writing the book?

Jitendra: yeah, every once in a while i became emotional and excited.

The Literature Times: How did you come up with the idea of penning a book at this topic?

Jitendra: Coz i got humiliated and embarrassed Plethora of times but didn’t give up. I banked on myself.

I have found plenty of people who are like what I used to be (timid, shy, overwhelmed, reserved) but no longer now.

The Literature Times: Who is your favourite character from the book and why?

Jitendra: by the way all characters are important and unique. They have let me give the birth to Lots of ideas. Though it’s based on reality so i found my character s important.

The Literature Times: Who has been your inspiration in becoming a writer?

Jitendra:  there are lots of people who have inspired me to write a ook they are, Ron, Dev, My wife, My sisters and daughter

The Literature Times: How do you go about the writing process with a full-time day job?

Jitendra: Being an owner of training center whole day i have lots of tasks to do so i do write by 4 30 am.

The Literature Times: What kind of books do you enjoy reading in your leisure time?

Jitendra: i like to read those books that develop my brain and give me the clarity towards myself and others as well.  Books that enable e to tap into my potential i love reading.

The Literature Times: The title of book is particularly interesting. How did you come up with this unique title?

Jitendra:  i read one of the quotes of Napolean Hill that’s Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.

This quote gave me an idea of penning at A Man Also Gives Birth.

The Literature Times: What are your future writing projects?

Jitendra: I am writing my another book that’s,

Title -“Set the mind to Set the skills”

Sub Title – Never Sharpen The Memory, Only Use The Intelligence

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