Author Pooja Hardik Patel Talks About Her Latest book “Magnetic Love”

Author Pooja Hardik Patel Talks About Her Latest book “Magnetic Love”

Author Bio: Name – Pooja Patel (Wife of Mr. Hardik Patel), Parents – Lt. Mr. & Mrs. Jharna Prakash Mursiya. You are a post graduate, you were born on the holy land of Chhattisgarh and you got married in Gujarat. You have been a fantasy girl since childhood, you have a different attachment to books, pictures and stories, which take you on a journey to a unique and lovely world.. which is “Fantasy World”.

You believe that imaginations have a separate world of their own, which has neither any side nor any end, imaginations just keep flying along with the waves of the mind, which you can take wherever you want and as You can mold it into any shape or structure you want, but you never know how far and how long you can fly until you spread your wings, put your imagination into words, Has written many novels and stories, out of which “Magnetic Love” is your first published book.

The Literature Times: Author, welcome to The Literature Times. Congratulations on the publication of your book! What feedback do you get from your readers? Please share your thoughts on this book.

Author: n the world of books, my book is like a newlywed bride, who is very beautiful from outside, but her qualities are revealed slowly.

The Literature Times: What motivates you to become a writer?

Author: Sometimes some failures also become the reason for our success.

The Literature Times: What are your favourite writing topics? Please tell us a little bit about your literary interests.

Author: Well a writer has no limits, but I love to write on love stories, poems some inspirational, and some real life related things, but i am a fantasy writer.

The Literature Times: We were hoping you might tell us about some of the authors that have influenced you and who you read!

Author: I don’t remember the names of the writers.But since childhood I have been attracted to books.I used to read the books that my parents used to read.I used to read other stories in the newspaper every week.Used to read spiritual books, fairy tales, and comics too.And also my grandmother used to tell me stories, and they used to start with, “tell me what do you hear about aap biti or paraya biti”.  I got to hear many spiritual stories from my parents, I am proud my parents.

The Literature Times: The title is unique and appealing; how did you come up with them? Please tell us the story behind it.

Author: Just like a magnet has the property of attraction. Similarly, those who are hungry for love, they are attracted towards love, from where they can get love.And the power of true love is such that it can attract even God.Devotion is a form of love.That’s why I found this title of my story, Magnetic Love suitable for my novel.

The Literature Times: What are your achievements so far? Tell us something about your writing career.

Author: well this is my beginning, let’s see where this journey takes me.

The Literature Times: What is your current goal in writing a career? How do you see your future in writing?

Author: I like to write, often we write that which we can never say or do, which life cannot live. so i’m just doing my Karma the fruits should be left on time.

The Literature Times: Do you have any other novels in the works? Please keep us updated on your future endeavours.

Author: Yes, I am working on two novels, which are fantasy love stories too. like Rajkumari and jinn. and blue moon.

The Literature Times: How do you view Indian writing in the twenty-first century? What changes do you see in today’s writing style? Do you feel it has been changed by the time?

Author: Yes, there is definitely a change.Everything changes with time. But There is nothing wrong in writing while maintaining the limits of writing.

The Literature Times: How simple/difficult was it for you to publish your book? What message do you want to send to aspiring authors?

Author:  Because it is the time of inflation, expensiveness , that’s why difficulties do come, but the effort should be continued. Must keep trying. Everything happens one day. I would like to say that keep writing, writing is good. What are your feelings, how do you see the world, how do you see things, put them into words. Because there are many types of human beings in the world, and everyone’s way of thinking is different. What change you can bring with your thinking, what you can give to the world, it matters a lot. so please keep writing.

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