Author Varsha Prakash Talks About Her Book: Love, Bites!

Author Varsha Prakash Talks About Her Book: Love, Bites!

Varsha Prakash is an Indian author and an industrialist. She was born on 20 October 1997 in Rajasthan, India. She nurtured her love for literature at Manipal University. Her love for writing sprouted in her childhood. She wrote her first book, “You Belong With Me”, at the age of 16.

The Literature Times: What inspired you to write “Love, Bites!” and explore themes related to love, friendship, and personal growth?

Varsha Prakash: I was inspired to write Love, Bites when I came across women of my age who were eager to get married and settle in life. But the thing that would always bother me was the fact that these were educated women who could have done wonders but instead chose a comfortable life. I ain’t against marriage but I am against women who don’t take enough actions or risks to explore themselves, because, in the end, we are influencing the girls coming from villages.

The Literature Times: The characters in your book, especially Maya and Priya, undergo significant personal transformations. Can you tell us about the process of developing these characters and their arcs?

Varsha Prakash: Maya and Priya both characters are an inspiration from my real life. When I initially thought about Maya as a main character I knew I had to keep another character by her side to bring out the soft side she always hides. I would say Priya’s character was more complex to develop compared to Maya’s because I had to make someone relatable to the readers yet keep in mind that Priya’s character remains the main character despite her actions.

The Literature Times: “Love, Bites!” addresses important issues like body shaming and controlling relationships. How did you approach tackling these sensitive subjects in your writing?

Varsha Prakash: We all have friends who are constantly body-shamed and controlled by their parents or partners, i picked out some real events that had occurred in front of my eyes. But I also made sure that these themes do not take over the essence of fiction so I decided to add small events but made sure they left an impact on the reader’s mind.

The Literature Times: The novel features a strong emphasis on the empowerment of female characters. What message or lesson do you hope readers take away from their journeys?

Varsha Prakash: I want the readers to understand one thing and that is that no matter what your partner does or what family you come from, having a passion is essential in life. It’s not about the money it brings in but the journey of discovering yourself. And I personally feel there is no bigger responsibility then discovering oneself, because the more you know about yourself the more you can contribute to this society which really needs us.

The Literature Times: Your characters experience a wide range of emotions throughout the story. How do you tap into those emotions when writing and make them feel authentic to the readers?

Varsha Prakash: I have been an introvert from a very early age and when you become an observer you notice what really effects people what makes them happy what makes them insecure. And i feel i have used my eyes and ears correctly all these years so i know what really matters to my readers.

The Literature Times: The friendship between Maya, Priya, and Kunal is central to the story. Can you share your thoughts on the significance of friendship in the narrative?

Varsha Prakash: Friendship for me is the fuel to our engine. I have been very thankful to the people who came into my life and stayed because for me these people are my family. In fact, more than family they had known the ugliest truths about me yet never judged me, they stood by me when I felt alon e in life. And on top of everything i lost my best friend last year which has made me realise the importance of friendship.

The Literature Times: The climax of the book is particularly poignant. What motivated you to write the powerful and empowering scenes that bring the story to its conclusion?

Varsha Prakash: The ending for me was supposed to be a bomb exploding on each side character, I made sure to create a situation where the main characters finally give in to their hearts.

The Literature Times: In “Love, Bites!” we see Maya’s evolution from a love-hating cynic to someone willing to embrace love. Can you discuss the inspiration behind her character development?

Varsha Prakash:  The inspiration behind Maya’s character is me, I have been in a phase and maybe I still am where I have thought a lot about love and its definition. Coming from a generation where we saw romantic movies coming from Bollywood I had been a very love-driven kid whose only goal in life was to find that perfect partner, but as I grew older I realised the myth.

The Literature Times: The book also touches on societal expectations and family pressure. How do you believe these themes resonate with your readers, and why are they important to the story?

Varsha Prakash: I feel each one of us is under constant family pressure even if we try ignoring it. There are girls who are dominated in their families, i just want to encourage them to take some steps for themselves even if it is selfish because in the end it’s their life and everybody has a right to their life.

The Literature Times: Could you share a bit about your writing process? How do you balance your career as an industrialist with your passion for writing, and what tips do you have for aspiring authors?

Varsha Prakash: I began writing this book seven months back, I still remember how I would come up with a plot line every day. I always knew the theme in fact that was the only inspiration but as I sat each day trying to make a story things automatically started falling into place. It is indeed very tough to balance my passion and business but I try my best to give my best to both of them because somewhere they both are interlinked I need both to survive and thrive.

The tip I have for aspiring authors is to START WRITING, that’s it. I have wasted years thinking about writing a book but now if you ask me I would say that stop thinking and start writing, writ anything that comes into your mind. The more you practice writing the more questions will appear in your mind and when you will look for the answer you will learn the theory part of writing.

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