Be Thirty at Sixty: A book on Anti Aging by Author Y Srinivas

Be Thirty at Sixty: A book on Anti Aging by Author Y Srinivas

In this book, Srinivas outlines his secrets to looking and feeling young with the intent to help people in their thirties and forties rediscover their youth based on his life’s journey at that age. He shares and explains the key secrets to lead a happy and healthy life. After compiling extensive research, past and ongoing insights and studying lives of people, this book took almost one year to finish. Author, Gp Capt Y Srinivas (Veteran) has integrated and narrated his personal experiences, his lifestyle and his own life’s journey to drive home the secrets of his personality today at the age of fifty-eight. So, this book is not at all a theoretical book, but includes a lot of practical knowledge and covers various topics in a chronological order, which when followed can easily lead to the results he has achieved. Also, this book can prove to be handy for those who aspire to look and feel thirty years younger than their age.

The Author: Gp Capt Y Srinivas (Veteran) is a simple yet very popular name among those who struggled, failed but bounced back with confidence, and extra energy to be successful in life. Just like any lower middle-class child, he too had dreams, which were big but the path to achieving them was obscure. He has always set clear goals and was confident of achieving them through the yardstick of dedication, sincerity, and hard work. He served the country by working in IAF (Indian Air Force) for twenty-three years and took voluntary retirement at the age of forty-eight with the sole intention of proving his credibility in the civil world.

Book Review

Ageing is a phenomenon that can’t be ignored or forgotten. Even if one may deny it, time does not stop, nor does the process of ageing. With age, the process of acquiring maturity continues, which in turn shapes a person’s attitude towards life and the events that are part and parcel of it. But as it is often said, ageing may be a natural process, feeling and staying young can still be for a prolonged period of time. A person who is young at heart would not feel the pangs of growing old. This thought is shared by the author Y Srinivas in his book on the same subject, “Be Thirty at Sixty: A book on Anti Aging.” Throughout the book, the author talks about the process of aging and how it changes people’s lives. But the right kind of attitude would solve their problems, and they would always feel young.

“Be Thirty at Sixty” is a product of the author’s research, his life experiences, and how they have found expression through words on the pages of the book. His experiences culminate, and hence, the author shares significant secrets and details that would transform the lives and the thinking of many readers. To begin with, Srinivas develops the base of human personality development right from their infancy which ultimately develops their personality in different ways, and thus they become different personality types. The content spread over 8 chapters talks about various aspects of perceptions and behaviours shaping as per age and defining people’s attitudes.

At the same time, “Be Thirty at Sixty” becomes more interesting due to the presence of different exercises to involve and engage the readers. They become involved with the book, and thus, the book does not remain a mere product of words scribbled on paper. The book makes the readers active participants and opens their eyes when it raises different questions, which make the readers ponder over the ideas that the author is talking about. These questions are born from practical thoughts and hold relevance in the lives of the majority of the readers. In one of the bonus exercises, the author raises different questions for readers based on their age groups. This increases the relevance and widens the appeal of the book to people, not just in the later stages of their life.

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Published by Evincepub Publishing, “Be Thirty at Sixty” is a book that is relevant to people of all ages who have a serious attitude and want to make sure that they make the right choices as their age passes. The interesting exercises make the book engaging and keep the readers involved till the end. At the same time, the author writes in a language that is friendly and easy to understand for all readers. His tone is warm, friendly, and encouraging towards the readers even when they may be late in taking the right steps. The book comes in a positive manner and impacts the lives of the readers with the same optimistic tone. This tone inspires the readers and motivates them to take the necessary steps of action. “Be Thirty at Sixty” is the product of deep thoughts, observations, and analysis. It is not just a book to be read once but to be read again and again to learn and implement the different techniques that the author shares with the readers. These techniques would be useful not just in their lives but can also be applicable for the next generations as times change. This is so because human nature is the same, and ageing is a process that is relevant for all. In light of this, expanding the reading base of the book to a universal audience across the globe would not be wrong. The relevance of the subject is irrespective of race, colour, gender, or any such factors that would demarcate human beings. Therefore, the book is recommended to readers of all age groups and even to people who do not read as such. The subject and length of the book are factors that would attract the non-reading audience too. They would get to learn not just from the first-hand experience of the author but also from his observations of the world around him.

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Reviewed by: Akhila Saroha

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