Book Business Rising With JIO Mart

Book Business Rising With JIO Mart

The rise of ‘Book Business’ is truly an awesome news not only for all those who are directly or indirectly related to the field of writing and publishing, but also for all the book lovers and avid readers. As it is ultimately the book lovers and the hard-core readers who decides the fate of the Authors and the Publishers!

Well in India, it is a common knowledge that the entry of Reliance Industries’ JIO in any business segment or industry is always going to be rewarding and beneficial for the consumers. Joint Implementation Opportunities, commonly known as JIO is a game-changer business group across the globe. JIO, which is primarily famous for providing cost effective internet data and calling services is now not just a business giant in the field of telecommunications. JIO is rapidly expanding each and every single day by entering into new business segments and creating a presence for themselves, almost across all the industries.

The JIO Platforms has earned a goodwill for themselves ever since 2016, the same year when the business was launched. Moreover, just in a few years JIO has made sure to mark their presence in every industry. Well, the vision of JIO was crystal clear right from the beginning and it has always been to serve the Customers of All Income Ranges with their best services! JIO has always made sure that their products and services reaches even to the hands of the ones, who had always been unable to afford the basic requirements ranging from a smartphone to even the grocery for household. JIO Telecommunications & Broadband Services as well as JIO Mart has played a pivotal role in fulfilling the needs to that segment of the consumers for who the basic necessities of life were a dream!

JIO Mart is now a too popular name in the Indian households for providing grocery at a real cost effective price. Just like all other JIO Platforms, the JIO Mart too has maintained their essence of providing goods and services at an Economical Rate, which is always very much cost effective, when compared to the market price of those goods and services! JIO Mart was soft launched in the month of December 2019 with their services limited to only to the city of Mumbai and then in the month of May 2020, when JIO Mart was fully launched across 200 cities in India, they succeeded in creating a name for themselves as the ‘Most Economical Online Grocery Seller’ of India. In addition, only within a few day of the launch of JIO Mart, their application surpassed the whopping figure of 1 Million Downloads.

JIO Mart initially focused on online groceries sales before expanding themselves into other product categories such as fashion, home essentials and lifestyle products. Well now, I am going to shock you exactly in the same manner in which the title of this article shocked you! Both on the website as well as on the mobile application of JIO Mart, you can find BOOKS, endless and countless books of all the genres and for age groups are available on JIO Mart. Therefore, it is the right time for us to sharpen our knowledge and with the fact that JIO Mart offers much more than just the groceries and the household items! With the listing of the thousands and thousands of the books on JIO Mart, they have simply raised the standards of the book business!

At present, JIO Mart might be a new platform for selling books but there is no doubt that within few years JIO Mart will surpass the top platforms like Amazon and Flipkart in terms of being the Prime Platform for Book Listing in India. In addition, we can also draw a conclusion that by making books available for sales of their platform, the team of JIO Mart has very cleverly raised both the prevailing bar as well as the completions in the book business.

Almost all of us, who are related to reading, writing and publishing, remembers the famous launch of Author Chetan Bhagat’s Best-Selling Novel, Half Girlfriend on Flipkart in the year 2014, which created an all-time high record. Well, now with a platform like JIO Mart that day is not far away when an author of such high stature or probably the nation’s Best-Selling Legend Mr. Chetan Bhagat himself would carry out his book launch on ‘JIO Mart’ instead of any other platform!

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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