Book Review: How Should My Character Be? by Aryan Ramteke

Book Review: How Should My Character Be? by Aryan Ramteke

About the Book

How Should My Character Be? by Aryan Ramteke delves into the essential aspects of character building in a society where character is often considered the most valuable asset. The book serves as a guide for individuals striving to enhance their character, providing practical advice and insights to help readers become better versions of themselves. The author’s approach is straightforward, offering readers easy-to-follow steps to cultivate admirable traits.

Structure and Content

The book is structured in a manner that makes it accessible to a wide audience, particularly young readers who are beginning their journey of self-improvement. Ramteke covers various aspects of character development, such as honesty, kindness, integrity, and resilience. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific trait, exploring its importance and providing actionable tips to incorporate it into daily life.

Writing Style

Aryan Ramteke’s writing style is engaging and relatable, which is impressive for a teenage author. The language is simple yet effective, making complex concepts understandable. Ramteke’s enthusiasm for the subject shines through the pages, and his passion for helping others is evident. His positive outlook and genuine desire to make a difference are inspiring.


One of the strengths of How Should My Character Be? is its practical approach. The author doesn’t just discuss the theoretical importance of character but also provides tangible steps that readers can take to improve themselves. The book is filled with examples and anecdotes that make the advice more relatable and easier to implement.

Moreover, Ramteke’s perspective as a teenager adds a unique touch to the book. His insights are fresh and relevant to young readers who may be navigating similar challenges. This relatability can be incredibly motivating for other teenagers looking to better themselves.

Areas for Improvement

While the book is commendable, there are a few areas where it could be enhanced. As a first-time author, Ramteke’s writing sometimes lacks the polish of more experienced writers. There are moments where the narrative could benefit from more depth and elaboration. Additionally, including more diverse perspectives and experiences could make the book even more enriching.


How Should My Character Be? is a commendable debut by Aryan Ramteke. It is a heartfelt and practical guide that can inspire readers, particularly teenagers, to focus on character development. The book’s strengths lie in its practical advice, relatable writing style, and the author’s genuine enthusiasm. Despite some areas for improvement, it is a valuable read for anyone looking to build a stronger, more admirable character. Ramteke’s journey as an author is just beginning, and this book is a promising start.

Overall, How Should My Character Be? is a worthwhile addition to the self-help genre, and Aryan Ramteke is a young author to watch in the future.

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