The effect and hold of two aspects of life, which include hope and destiny, is probably the strongest to even determine the existence of a human being and their desire to live. This is true when we consider the saying that hope is the driver of people’s destinies. It is through the hope that one has that one makes choices that are the ultimate determiners of a person’s destiny. “The Sparkling Hope and The Magic of Destiny” by Rishitha Jithendra is a book that explores life at length through the eyes of one person who swings the narrative through different moments of her life. The book is about the author ‘s journey toward her destiny, which goes through the various phases of life where she meets various ups and downs while also sharing valuable learning experiences. During this journey, she describes various challenges that she comes across and how these experiences have impacted her personality and shaped it thus.

In “The Sparkling Hope and The Magic of Destiny,” the author shares her life which is a mixture of past, present, and future. She describes about the experience she got when she met a number of new people, including strangers, across her journey and their perspectives towards life. She also talks about her feelings when she met a stranger for the first time, like many of the strangers have made her smile or feel good, or sad and angry by their behaviour. These experiences make her story relatable and hence, reach out to the readers as she expands her reader base.

The main objectives of any self-help book, which helps you in acing your professional demeanour and also keeping your mental space intact, are not that clear. “The Sparkling Hope and The Magic of Destiny”  is an ambitious book that goes wide even though it meanders here and there to come to the point, but that is equally necessary to give the book the required depth. Much like the protagonist’s life, the book has a path that is not clearly defined, which highlights the beauty of uncertainty in a person’s life, which gives the book the further required realistic touches. A good book is a book that has those elements which engage the readers from the first page of the book till the end. The explanation of the mental health issues adds depth to the characters and the scenes. In short, every character in the story has their own space, strength, and scope. There are plenty of moments where the reader may say, “This is so similar to what happened to me,” which makes the book realistic, close to life, and an incarnation of life through words.

This is the heart of any book. A novel might have a great story and characters, but it all depends on how the story is narrated. As the book “The Sparkling Hope and The Magic of Destiny,” is a combined plot of main elements like antsy and fiction, the story flows smoothly, and every scene narrated is realistic yet has a fun and fantasy element. Each chapter has a surprise component. Normally, we think that destiny is something that we get by birth from our god. I mean, the majority of us think this way only. As the name suggests, the book is about how one can design their destiny. This book has described that by following certain processes, one can achieve whatever one wants in their life and that one can make life beautiful through these processes. This book is focused on how we can achieve inner peace and how meditation is effective while achieving it. Initially, it tries to cover all the basic questions that usually come to our minds when we think about meditation. Later on, the author tries to go deeper into the topic. The author has explained the physical and spiritual benefits of meditation.

It is interesting to see how the author brings real-life parallels into play to explain the situations and unfold the facts that are a product of her experiences and learning acquired over time. This book would be of interest to people who are interested in learning from the experiences of a person who has always been receptive to learning with an open heart. “The Sparkling Hope and The Magic of Destiny” would also appeal to the readers of the style in which the author expresses herself, which is honest, realistic, without any sugar coating, and fearless in admitting things the way they are. Therefore, this book is recommended to all readers who have an interest in reading non-fiction books that are pure products of reality, the experiences it brings, and getting the best out of them with a hopeful attitude to determine their destiny.

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