Book Review Of the Book- भारत – एक विश्व गुरु (भाग- १ )

Book Review Of the Book- भारत – एक विश्व गुरु (भाग- १ )

The people around the world have referred India (Bharat) as the “Golden Bird” in the ancient age. Our history, culture and knowledge has always been over the top and right from the ancient time, Bharat has been the world leader (Viswa Guru) when it came to imparting knowledge & art of living to the world. Well, this remarkable title, “Bharat Ek Viswa Guru (Part-1)” by Author Chaitanya Ramkrishna Kale is a historical title, which has its focus placed rightly upon the South-East Asian nation of India!

The book is written in Hindi language – a language that is most commonly used in India and I must mention that the author has truly justified his work by writing it down this book in Hindi. Through this book, the author has talked about the rich heritage of our nation and has dedicated this book to our motherland.

Author Chaitanya Ramakrishna Kale, was born on 18 February 2007 in Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, Maharashtra. He is currently a student of class 10th in DCM Presidency School Ludhiana. Chaitanya is an influential student looking for opportunities to learn to serve the country, discovering new ideas with advanced technologies and with innovation aspires to develop something for the whole world and for the society, which will make the whole society and let mankind get benefits for ages. Chaitanya is an all-rounder student. Some of his earned achievements are – 1) He received PEOPLE’S CHOICE Award in Start-Up Edge in Satyan Innovation Fest. 2) He has won the STEM ENGAGEMENT Award at NASA’s Human Exploration Rover Challenge – 2022. 3) He has also received SPECIAL MENTION Award in Tech Fest World Model MUN, which was organized by IIT Bombay. 4) He has been selected for INSPIRE Award Manak. 5) He has received the MOST CONSISTENT STUDENT Award in ATL Tinkerpreneur Summer Bootcamp Organized by NITI Aayog & Atal Innovation Mission. 6) He has received the HIGH COMMENDATION Award in International MUN. 7) He stood at second place in the competition organized by Engineering College. 8) He has received BEST SPEAKER Award in Future Leader Show. 9) He also received the third prize in Young Leaders Initiative – Business Plan Competition. In addition, the author has won many more awards in the field of dance, sports, speech etc.

Coming under the category of ‘Regional (Asian) History’ this epic title, “Bharat Ek Viswa Guru (Part-1)” is highlighting the incredible history of India (Bharat). The book talks about how India has the capacity to become a World Leader (Viswa Guru) and to cover the whole world. The author has tried to shed light on the glorious history of India by mentioning the fact that in the ancient era the whole world took guidance from India. The author has mentioned that even in the modern era the whole world will continue to take guidance from India!

Further, the book explains how many a times the truth is altered & then presented to us and due to this specific reason we might get misled on several occasions. Despite our own abilities, we tend to follow someone else and therefore, the youth force of the current era needs to find the underlying cause of the truth. Today’s India has the ability to lead the whole world and India is a natural leader in every field and has the ability to make the whole world powerful, while walking on its progress path.

The way this book has been composed is truly incredible and through this book, the author has raised several questions like whether we ourselves would like to be a part of this progress or not, it depends on our thinking. If we ignore the truth of history and follow someone’s behest despite our ability, then India’s power and potential will remain on the edge of the earth. Well, these are certainly some ‘Though Provoking’ arguments presented in this book, which is bound kindle the interest of the readers!

Author explains how the alert youth of the modern day needs to get to the bottom of the truth and his sole purpose of presenting this book in front of everyone is to highlight the fact that India (Bharat) has the qualification of a World Leader. However, as the citizens of India, we need to understand our history again, and then only our future generation will move in the right direction and make India a world leader (Viswa Guru).

The book is of great significance as it also teaches us to look beyond our scope and to enhance our vision. Through this phenomenal title, Bharat Ek Viswa Guru (Part-1) the author has made a great effort to highlight the glory of the ancient India (Bharat).Truly, this well-crafted title carries a lot to teach to the readers and the subject matter presented by the author is something that makes this book even more Reading Worthy!

The book for sure deserves a chance by the readers, the writing carried out throughout this book is also something that compels the readers to pick up this title. It would not be wrong to mention that a book is this bound to be loved by the readers all across for ages.

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