Book Review of the Book- “Forgotten But Not Lost” by the Author Meher Vineeth Galla – The Literature Times Vol.1 Issue 4.

Book Review of the Book- “Forgotten But Not Lost” by the Author Meher Vineeth Galla – The Literature Times Vol.1 Issue 4.

The struggles that an author faces in writing a book can only be understood by the ones who are in the field and share the struggles to write. However, there are very few authors who write and try to give words to share their struggles with the readers, and even lesser readers can actually understand this. However, an attempt to define the life of an aspiring and budding author and the struggles she faces is made by Galla Meher Vineeth in her novel “Forgotten but not lost.” Through the book, the author not only shows the struggles of a budding author but also builds a universe that is inspired by the budding author’s inspiration. Through this, the author also shows how one person can influence the lives of so many people and make them remember her even without sharing her name or identity. At the same time, the story also inspires readers to not give up on the goodness in the world and to remain hopeful.

“Forgotten but not lost” is a book that shows characters caught in the midst of negative and unfavourable circumstances, but they all live by a ray of hope which coincidentally is provided by other characters in the same book. This gives a clear message that everyone is struggling and going through difficult circumstances but being around each other as support can make lives a little easier and more comfortable. This inspires the readers and fills them with the hope that life is not as difficult as it seems to be. It can be made easier but staying hopeful and positive, and all problems have a solution. The quest of the budding author, Meera, is probably the story of everyone. While she struggles to find inspiration to write, others struggle to find the motivation or hope to fulfill their targets. But as it is said that success comes to those who dare to strive, Meera also finds success when she dares to step out of her comfort zone and explore ways to find her inspiration beyond the limits she had defined earlier. Thus, Galla Meher Vineeth creates a story that is inspiring, full of hope, and makes sure that even if the readers have forgotten their motivation, it is not lost.

Through “Forgotten but not lost,” the author touches on more lives than just the authors who are caught in the web of their struggles. It represents all artists who are on the brink of giving up due to not being able to make their masterpieces and unable to concretize what they had in their visualization. But at the same time, it also makes the readers understand that if there are struggles, then there will also be the knocking of success on their doors. At the same time, the author also raises the social issue of gender disparity through her portrayal of women from the early stages of their life when they are young school-going girls and grow up to attain marriageable age.

Meera’s inspiration, Radha, may be one person who influences and changes the lives of so many people without giving importance to the fact that she gets recognized for her deeds. This selflessness is an epitome of humanity which can still be found in the remotest corners of the world, where people are not concerned about being recognized but try to do good deeds. Thus, “Forgotten but not lost” sings the praises of all those who are selflessly helping people and choose to remain anonymous. It is interesting how the author develops and unfolds the narrative in the text. Where for once, the readers perceive that the book is going to be an exploration of Meera’s story and what she would write, the novel unfolds in an uncommon fashion, and the true narrative is only revealed as a surprise for the readers. Due to this, the book becomes more interesting as the hunger of the readers to know what exactly happens is far more later.

Moreover, the plot development of “Forgotten but not lost” is swift and concise, and the author talks to the point without adding too many diversions. This helps the readers have clarity of the narrative and connect with the words that the author is writing. At the same time, the characters featured in the book come across as real human beings who face real-life problems and also struggle to find solutions, but at the same time, they live together and support each other through thick and thin. The feeling of oneness and unity to fight the tough circumstances of life pervades the text and makes the readers connect more strongly with it. In that sense, the book is an interesting, entertaining and inspiring reading that touches on multiple facets of life and keeps the readers engaged by the issues that the author discusses.

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