Book Review of the Book- “I Can Change The I And Every One Is I- 3.0”.

Book Review of the Book- “I Can Change The I And Every One Is I- 3.0”.

A book that focuses on self-transformation and teaches one the ideal way to live their life, it is a must-read self-help book one should have on their bookshelves. The unique aspect of the book is that it can be read in any way. One does not need to read it in the given order. Each page tells a different story, and teaches you a different moral value. “I can change the I and everyone is I” by Rushang Tangal is not just about being read but rather imagined and applied in our day-to-day lives. This book has been written in a universal quote language so people can connect, relate and understand. It is a quality content book whereby by reading less, one can know more.

“I can change the I and everyone is I” covers numerous topics of life like achieving, age, argument, attitude, etc. It goes on in alphabetic order that is, after topics starting with the letter ‘A’ we have behaviour, belief, change, confusion, and so on. Each page contains a quote or a few lines on the topics. One can find motivation and get enlightened through these quotes. You can even make notes based on each quote and practice the terminologies in a real-life experience. The manner in which the author Rushang Tangal presents the details is noteworthy, appreciable, and commendable as the impact it has is at a larger level with the involvement of not only thoughts but aspects of life that may not find mention otherwise.

“I can change the I and everyone is I” talks about a wide range of topics, from relationships to religion and silence to speech. It talks about how tough things make you strong despite making you feel weak at the moment. It talks about the importance of time and how every process has its own flow. It also teaches one to deal with toxicity. Overall, this book spreads positivity and teaches optimism while it also instigates the readers to take control of their lives and take the required actions to make things happen.

It also covers topics such as love and hate. “I can change the I and everyone is I” by Rushang Tangal tells you how a broken heart can be fixed by the love of your family. It talks about the importance of both aspects of love and hate. It talks about aspects like truth and lies. It talks about things like happiness and sorrow. Everything one can think of has been covered here. One thing I loved about this book a lot is how it talked about the importance of women. It stated, “those who understand the value of a mother, they don’t question the ability of a woman.” One statement was how we shouldn’t tell people about our problems as people don’t take them seriously. It might be a controversial statement, but in my opinion, it is correct. We shouldn’t show our weaknesses and come up with a solution on our own. The book also states how others who are getting what we aren’t are suffering for that. Every individual is equal, and one must strive to get what they deserve. The book talks about originality, how we are born to live our original life and not imitate other people’s life. One also learns about seeing positivity and finding possibilities, which leads to finding opportunities.

The book has also thrown light on topics like mental health. It has shown how today, we are connected to a lot of negativity, and depression is on the rise. One must take care of their mental health amidst such situations. Another beautiful example stated in this book was how flowers look more beautiful than vegetables, but vegetables are healthier to eat than flowers, so the quality is not in how something looks. These lines about the looks of someone hit hard in today’s generation of looks-obsessed people. “I can change the I, and everyone is I” is a book that teaches valuable lessons that are applicable not only to the lives of grown-ups but also younger who have less experience of life.

Nowadays, people often speak differently and mean differently, so don’t just listen to what they speak, rather, try to listen to what they mean. This book teaches you observation and introspection. For once, the readers may also be reminded of Pablo Neruda’s “Keeping Quiet” at this instance and draw parallels with what the poet had said back then

Finally, “I can change the I and everyone is I” by Rushang Tangal ends with a few lines on the topic ‘YOU’, it says a person is like a deep sea. If they don’t go into the sea, how will they see? One should not lose one’s identity as that is who they are. This book was a great read, and I am hoping for more such work from the author!

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