Book Review Of The Book- “Real Supernatural Incidents-INDIGO”

Book Review Of The Book- “Real Supernatural Incidents-INDIGO”

The supernatural incidents and unusual occurrences have been a subject of discussion across generations. In spite of the changes in time and the boom in technology, this subject continues to be a point of interest. Probably that is the reason that spooky tales continue to dominate the literary sphere, and year after year, authors share incidents and stories which carry their experiences with the unknown. The experience of the supernatural finds representation in Rajiv Kashyap’s book “Real Supernatural Incidents Indigo” which is not just a package of a bundle of incidents but also shares information that would enrich a reader’s knowledge and share different facts with them through the author’s experience. Through the book, Kashyap harps on the fact that times may change, people may change, and technology may have central control in the lives of the people, yet the potency of the supernatural can never be ignored or undermined.

“Real Supernatural Incidents Indigo” begins with details about the author, his family lineage, and how his roots became rooted in different places and were influenced by different cultures. This gives the readers a deep understanding of the author’s lineage and the rich family background he has. They later realize the relevance of this explanation when the author unravels the supernatural experiences his family members have had in their lives. While the author talks about the different incidents with the unknown forces, he also draws parallels with the real world, his life, and the lives of the people who are a part of his life. In that sense, while the book may give spooky chills to the readers through the incidents that the author packs the book with, the instances from the real world change the mood and relax the readers at the same time.

Rajiv Kashyap’s “Real Supernatural Incidents Indigo” is a book that invites the readers by the blurb where the author claims that life isn’t just what a person can see. It goes beyond the realm of the vision of human eyes and extends to the forces which everyone can’t see operating. At the same time, the book would be of interest to all those readers who have an interest in reading tales that would evoke fear, and respect and also make them wonder about the existence of a life which is different from theirs. All those who are interested in reading books that can spellbind them with the incidents featured in them would find this book catching their interest in no time.

It is interesting to observe the tone that the author uses in the book. It is light, friendly, conversational, and does to have the slightest intention to scare the readers away. Even though the tales are concentrated on spreading the message about supernatural incidents, the readers take the seat of the spectator and remain personal observers of the action without any actual involvement. The sequential arrangement of the tales as per the author’s family members and the frequent infusion of comic incidents are the primary features that attract the readers to “Real Supernatural Incidents Indigo.” At the same time, the chapter division of the book is done in a manner where the readers can read through as per their comfort and their pace. Neither does the author hurry to share his stories. He has no rush and shares without leaving out any details. To some readers, these details may seem diversions, but the details about the author’s family, his lineage, and his roots emerge as being significant as the book progresses and the supernatural stories in Kashyap’s work find expression.

Simultaneously, the book is also about humans, their lives, families, and their relationships. The author evokes a nostalgic tone when he frequently goes back to his roots to trace and find out the meanings of many things that have been in his mind. In this attempt, he shares in-depth details which are a part of his family heritage and may have been buried in case they were not written. In this sense, “Real Supernatural Incidents Indigo” becomes a treasure not just for the coming generations of the author but also for the many readers who would be interested in researching the history of the Kashyap clan and their ancestors. Hence, designating the book to a category of merely being a sequence of incidents and encounters with the supernatural would imply doing injustice to the fragment of the book as it can be categorized in a wider range.

The supernatural has an unspoken yet undeniable presence in human lives. Never forgetting this is one of the central messages that the readers would consider as the conclusion once they finish “Real Supernatural Incidents Indigo” by Rajiv Kashyap. Therefore, this book is recommended to all readers whether they have or do not have an interest in reading tales born from supernatural experiences.

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