Book Review Saugaat – Kuchh Dekhee, Kuchh Sunee by Jai Tomar

Book Review Saugaat – Kuchh Dekhee, Kuchh Sunee by Jai Tomar

“Life is like a continuous moving wheel of happiness and sorrows, which comes one after another as if there is a fixed turn for the events. Well, some of these events gets carved in our memory lanes only to become the stories of our lives!” 

Well, with this title, “Saugaat – Kuchh Dekhee, Kuchh Sunee” by Author Jai Tomar, the Author has made an amazing effort to give the readers a reading worthy piece of literature. The book is a collection of short stories, which the Author had penned based upon the various emotions as well as the events of the life. The readers can easily relate to these stories by the author and this is something that makes this book readable.

About the Author: Author Jai Tomar have not only been a witness but also a participant in the fast changing era. From pencils & slates to laptops in education, from bullock carts to airplanes in traffic & from postcards to mobiles in communication, he seen and been a part of all. From a simple plain village life to the chaotic life of big city, from a village chaupal (verandah) to five star hotel conferences has been the parts of his life, everything so much unimaginable! Like a trip to two opposite worlds and that has created such a well-trained diversity in his stories.

The 37 years of Author Jai Tomar’s professional life have been very busy. During this period, he hardly got any time to sit quietly and think. Whenever he got any little time then he wrote something, but they were all limited to self-satisfaction. Then all of a sudden, everything came to a halt, like a complete pause! Everyone got trapped in their homes and in this silent atmosphere, the Author who was silently reviewing his articles, started to work seriously. As a result of that he published about three dozens of stories, a collection of memoirs, dozens of poems and three novels to add to his treasure trove.

Book’s Introduction: This book, Saugaat – Kuchh Dekhee, Kuchh Sunee by Author Jai Tomar is a collection of Short Stories in Hindi language, which comes under the category of ‘Literary Fiction!’ Through this book, the Author has commented on various issues of different categories and has presented his views upon them for the readers!

In this book, the readers will find 16 short stories one after another, based upon the various emotions as well as the events of that occurs from the common lifetime experiences of a person. The stories in this book depicts the different forms of the society in context with the present and the future world. Some stories are happy while some are sad; at places, the readers will find pain, while at other places the readers will also witness the joy. Somewhere there is sarcasm and somewhere there is some deep learnings too. The stories will touch the hearts of many people and refresh their memory lanes, as the readers will feel that these stories belongs to themselves or their surroundings and society.

Book Title: The title, “Saugaat – Kuchh Dekhee, Kuchh Sunee” for this short story collection is indeed catchy one and easily goes with the collection of the chapters added by the author in the book. Well, this is something, which makes the book even more interesting, as the title itself compels you as a reader to pick up this book for a read. You would feel the urge to go inside the chapters and try to understand the Author’s portrayal of the incidents in his stories!

In addition, the Author has completely succeeded in choosing a perfect Book Title for his incredible short story collection. Therefore, I must mention that it is a very apt title for this book and the Author had been extremely wise to go for this title.

Readers Connect: The authorhas attempted to connect with the readers through his stories, as they are based upon the common lifetime experiences of a person. Well, the readers are bound to find these stories very much relatable, they may serve the readers with a pleasing experience, and this is surely something for which the readers would give it a read.

Another very important aspect of this book is that the narration made by the Author is indeed engrossing & interesting and the language used in this book is so lucid, that it would totally hook the readers until the very last page. Moreover, this is a book, which will make the readers think about the plot for several times, even after completing the book!

Verdict: A Book like “Saugaat – Kuchh Dekhee, Kuchh Sunee” is something very different from the normal literary fictional titles and yes it too ‘Deserves a Read’ by the readers. The way author had penned down these marvellous tales in his book is undoubtedly fabulous. You seriously do not get to read a book like this every day, these kinds of Novels hits the market only occasionally and Author truly deserves appreciation for his hard work and out of the box thinking.

Moreover, if you are one of those readers, who is looking forward to read a worthy collection of “Short Stories” then this book is probably the most perfect fit for you. Jai Tomar is a promising Author, who is very honest with his writings, which can be felt in his spectacular stories, which makes this title Reading Worthy!

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