Broke, Healed and Loved by Devangshree Saini: Book Review

Broke, Healed and Loved by Devangshree Saini: Book Review

Human emotions are always the most difficult aspect of life to both understand and deal with. It is these emotions that have given the world remarkable poets who have created literary pieces that have redefined the ways to deal with emotions and embrace them with all power. A similar product is born in Devangshree Saini, who also addresses the emotions of love, healing and all between in her series of 81 poems in “Broke, Healed and Loved.” The series of poems that deal with depicting these emotions sequentially talk about the different thoughts a person gets when going through them. Through the author’s words, they would also realize that they are not the only ones going through this.

It is interesting to note how “Broke, Healed and Loved” features poems that do not have titles and rather flow into each other. The only division is done through the pages assigned to them. This shows the chaos that defines human thoughts and how they ramble far more when going through an emotional phase. Saini successfully conveys that this phase is never an easy one but also hints that there is light at the end of the tunnel, it is just about the time it takes to reach there. By sharing such thoughts and insights, she shows her maturity in dealing with these complex emotions. In addition to the aforementioned points, Saini’s decision to present the poems without titles and instead allow them to flow seamlessly into one another adds an intriguing layer to the collection. The absence of titles eliminates any preconceived notions or expectations that readers may have when approaching each poem. It allows the reader to experience the poems as a continuous stream of consciousness, mirroring the erratic and unpredictable nature of human thoughts during times of emotional turbulence.

The lack of explicit divisions between the poems also reinforces the idea that emotions and experiences are interconnected and often blend together in our lives. By presenting the poems in this manner, Saini captures the essence of the human psyche, where emotions can be messy, overlapping, and intertwined. It reflects the complexity and multifaceted nature of our inner lives, where joy can coexist with pain, love with heartbreak, and healing with scars. Furthermore, the absence of titles encourages a more fluid and organic reading experience. It prompts the reader to navigate through the collection with an open mind, allowing the emotions and themes to unfold naturally. It invites a deeper engagement and connection with the poetry, as readers are compelled to actively interpret and derive meaning from the words and imagery presented.

Saini’s ability to convey the chaotic nature of human thoughts and emotions during an emotional phase not only showcases her talent as a poet but also demonstrates her emotional intelligence and maturity. Through her words, she acknowledges the challenges and difficulties inherent in such a phase, but she also offers a glimmer of hope by hinting at the eventual arrival of light at the end of the tunnel. This nuanced portrayal of the emotional journey resonates with readers who may be going through their own struggles, offering solace, understanding, and a sense of shared experience.

In “Broke, Healed and Loved,” Saini captures the chaotic nature of emotions and has a remarkable ability to distill complex feelings into simple yet powerful language. It is often a daunting task to find the right words to articulate the depth and intricacies of one’s emotions, but Saini accomplishes this with remarkable ease. Through her minimalist approach to language, Saini demonstrates a profound understanding of the power of brevity and restraint. She carefully selects each word, stripping away unnecessary embellishments and allowing the raw emotions to take center stage. In doing so, she creates a potent and evocative atmosphere that resonates deeply with readers.

By employing a concise and precise style, Saini enables the emotions within her poems to shine through unencumbered by excessive ornamentation. This simplicity allows for a direct and immediate connection with the reader, as they are able to grasp the essence of the emotions being expressed without any barriers or distractions. Through this simplicity, she touches upon universal feelings, making her work relatable and accessible to a wide range of readers. Moreover, the author’s ability to express complicated feelings with fewer words is a testament to her skill in capturing the essence of an emotion, distilling it down to its core, and conveying it in a concise yet impactful manner. This approach gives her poetry a sense of clarity and resonance that lingers in the minds and hearts of those who read it.

In a world often filled with complexity and noise, Saini’s ability to express profound emotions with simplicity is refreshing. Her words serve as a guiding light, offering solace and understanding to those who may struggle to find their own voice when confronted with intense and intricate feelings.

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