Your CV and Its Power –  the Dos and Don’ts when making your CV

Your CV and Its Power – the Dos and Don’ts when making your CV

New era but old strengths

As we head towards a post-Covid 19 era, out of the many things, one thing that is for sure is that the world will be far more competitive. It is so because, in this time span of 2 years, the number of job seekers has multiplied substantially. So have the choices for the job providers. It is a fact worth observing that your Curriculum Vitae (CV) makes an impression even before you reach the interview stage. So, your CV and its Power are far beyond estimations. Therefore, getting it right is the first and foremost thing in the check-list to make the right impression which is also long-lasting.

This article attempts to discuss the Dos and Don’ts when making your CV. Most of us know making a CV but don’t know the mistakes we make out of ignorance while preparing it. Check out this article, and if in case you are doing anything wrong, you may be able to spot it right away, so that you know about the Dos and Don’ts in the making of your CV:

  • Be specific and upfront

Your selection or rejection is a game of only a few seconds. The first difference-maker would be the choice of words you have. Keep your CV short, concise, to-the-point, and specific. It will be easier for the reader to grasp multiple details about you in the few seconds that they will give to your CV, and the chances of your getting an interview call would be higher.

  • The order and your arrangement

Often a mistake made by candidates is when they arrange their academic achievements/work experience/ECA or any other details. Make sure that the CV contains the details of your hard work in reverse chronological order, keeping the most recent/present details on top. This will help you segregate your achievements and details very easily. To make it attractive, you may depict the details using the timeline idea, which has become quite trendy these days.

  • Give proper headings and keep the content separate

Perhaps the most important part when sharing about yourself is how you present it. Since you’re not going to be there in person, it is necessary that your CV speaks for you in a favorable way. Using appropriate heading, font size, font style, and the CV format are all precious factors that have to be kept in mind while preparing your CV. It will help the reader understand your dedication towards working and building on yourself and will also highlight your achievements individually.

  • Keep updating it

Obviously, it’s not like you are ever going to stop learning and working on yourself! And your CV needs to know this too so that it can communicate this with your future employers. Hence, keep updating your CV with your latest accomplishments, new positions, or anything that can increase your strength as a candidate. Make sure to place them in the already created categories and in reverse chronological order.

  • Include the cover letter

The most important and most often repeated mistake made by candidates is about the cover letter. They happen to forget to attach a cover letter or ignore it. But the importance of a cover letter can not be ignored at all. The cover letter gives your candidature a personal touch and introduces you as a human being who is also capable of talking about themselves instead of merely listing details about themselves. Writing the cover letter in the correct format and updating it as per the position you are applying to is crucial. A secret fact is that many organizations read the cover letter first and the CV later. Now, you can understand how essential the cover letter is.

  • Leave personal details

There is no requirement of adding your family details, references, or anything that does not hold relevance in adding weight to your candidature. Your CV is about you. Then let it be about you. Leave the personal details, and you can talk about them when you face the interview (when asked). Be smart, do not make the mistake many others are making. The probability of your getting interview calls will shoot up.

To conclude

There are a bunch of CV writing formats and apps available on the internet that can guide you to prepare an impressive CV. But working on yourself and highlighting that first will make the difference. Your strength as a candidate should reflect on the paper because that is the first hurdle you have to get through. In today’s extremely competitive time, attention to detail makes the difference and can put you far ahead of others. So give time to prepare your CV while keeping in mind these few tips and hear your phone ringing with interview calls and feel take care of the Dos and Don’ts while making your CV. All the best!

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