Dealing with Covid Situations? Dos and Don’ts in Covid Time

Dealing with Covid Situations? Dos and Don’ts in Covid Time

As the pandemic of Covid-19 has begun to spread like wildfire in the second wave, there is more confusion in people’s minds than an understanding of how to handle the situation and how to save their lives in this troubled time. As a result, there is a lack of awareness of how to tackle the problem, and the number of victims continues to increase every day. Keeping this in mind, here are a few tips and tricks as to what should be done and what should not be done to ensure the safety of life and security of life. The Latest Covid Numbers are scary, so here are some dos and don’ts you have to follow in this pandemic situation.

1. The basic tips

As has been propagated for more than a year, follow the basic tips and precautions like wearing masks, sanitizing frequently, and maintaining distance from everyone.

2. Mini quarantine mode

One of the family members that go out for work should abstain from coming close to the children and older members of the family for some time. If one person is going outside to get the things, then they should try to make multiple stops at different places and get all that is required in an attempt to go out every day.

3. Getting infected not an offence

If a person gets infected, then instead of hiding it from others, they should reveal it so that others can be saved from the same fate. In return, others should support the victim instead of discriminating. Giving strength on a moral or mental level can do wonders other than the strength required at the physical level.

4. Avoid social contact

As has been the trend since last year, it is better to remain connected virtually for a better tomorrow. Hence, avoid social gatherings or meeting people. This is an attempt to fight the virus, which cannot be done by only the frontline workers.

5. Resort to recreation

These are challenging times that are affecting people mentally too. In such times, whether it is parents or children or teenagers or elderly, everyone is going through mental issues too. Therefore, the best measure to save yourself from anxiety is to engage and channel your energy into creative tasks. This could include pursuing your long-awaited hobbies or develop new ones. The only condition is that it does not require any stepping out.

6. Avoid news media

The media today sensationalizes things and attempts to appeal to the emotional side of people. This, in return, causes a lot more stress when people see the number of people affected and deaths. All this attacks the mental state of a person and breaks their morale and strength altogether. The same goes for the regularly circulated and frequently forwarded messages on social apps like WhatsApp. Hence it is better to be away from the herd instead of being a part of it. Mental strength would ensure positivity and also an assurance of making it to the other side.

Pablo Neruda once wrote “Keeping Quiet,” where he urged people to stay where they are and introspect to look into their souls to ponder over the people they have become. Neruda’s work may not be taken literally, but partially it is valid at this point in time too. To win this battle against this virus, the collective efforts made by people would make a more significant difference. Instead of loading ourselves on the medical fraternity who have been doing a lot already, it is time to take control of our lives and make sure there are no more casualties at the hands of this virus.

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