“Finding Mother”                       By Dr. Glenville Ashby- Book Review

“Finding Mother” By Dr. Glenville Ashby- Book Review

In today’s time, when the world has become materialistic and self-centric, spirituality comes as a savior and guiding light for the many who search their way through the darkness. Sri Gyananda’s “Finding Mother: Practical Spirituality- East and West” intends to explore the dimensions of spirituality that give the readers an experience of both enlightenment and enrichment. The book’s title is very captivating, which makes the readers curious to know more about this book.

 “Finding Mother” is a spiritual book written by Sri Gyananda that simplifies “Spirituality” very accurately. For a person who doesn’t have much knowledge about scriptures, this book helps as a blessing. It starts from finding the mother and ends at offering you a vast knowledge of spirituality. Through one symbol of the mother, the author explores different realms of spirituality. Spirituality seems a very complicated word. After reading this book, a reader will be able to understand its meaning, and it will only appear as a simplified term. From the starting, the author tries to describe the importance of femininity in nature and draws parallels to convey his ideas accurately. 

The author in “Finding Mother” tells the readers that femininity isn’t gender-biased; it’s divine. Nature has divided it so beautifully among humans. Having feminine characters in society brings more balance of kindness, generosity, and the softer side of things. The author sees feminism with a different vision of how it has constructed our faith. Even in different religions, feminism is introduced with a similar approach. For example, Shiva is never completed without Shakti. The author says, in Islam, Allah has 99 names; among them, 3-4 names contain the feminine characters. The same happens in Christianity. Femininity plays a significant role in our scriptures. It may not have a proper platform for a voice but the influence it has on people’s lives is undeniable.

The author’s vision is precisely introduced when he blends modernity with the avatar of Kali. The author sees Kali as a strong, independent woman who is capable of destruction and construction. Kali is a phase in every human’s life where they accept themselves the way they are and prepare to face any circumstances. Nothing bothers them when someone achieves The Kali Avatar; no power can snatch their right from being themselves. The readers would appreciate how the author guides them through this book. If one wants to perform the Sadhna but doesn’t know how to perform it to relax their mind, then this book will help them in finding the path to peace and tranquility. While “Finding Mother” talks about the performing of the Sadhna, it also talks about the purpose of performing it, which is to communicate with one’s soul, the inner self. In this era of chaos, where everyone is busy and occupied with their lives, meditation and other exercises will help to overcome stress, tensions, and negative vibes. This book would be a step in the direction of attaining that peace. The readers would know the importance of meditation and yoga so precisely. They may be having a broad idea of it, but this book helps them in attaining a deeper understanding of it. The author presents a comprehensive explanation of feminism, which is great because it will help the readers clear all the misconceptions about feminism.

It is lucid if one was to examine the language, but the content may seem a bit abstract to understand for many. Sometimes, one may feel that the words are a bit challenging to understand, which is normal. The religious scriptures have a unique writing style that can’t be easily understandable by ordinary people. But, the author has put a great effort by mentioning the meanings in the brackets, which also makes reading possible for beginners. The author has researched very thoroughly, which comprises an effortlessly beautiful explanation. The readers who are interested in reading books on spirituality would find this book of their interest. It would also be a good pick for the readers who want to begin their journey of spirituality.

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