“Fireworks of Humour – To See A Smile On Every Face Only To Make Human Life A Celebration” By Nandanan Nair-Book Review

“Fireworks of Humour – To See A Smile On Every Face Only To Make Human Life A Celebration” By Nandanan Nair-Book Review

“Happiness is that essence of life, which keeps the life going. To have a dream of seeing smile on every face is something that only a pure soul can desire; all we need is to make sure that we lead our lives like a celebration!”

Well, before starting the review of this title, “Fireworks Of Humour – To See A Smile On Every Face Only To Make Human Life A Celebration” by Author Nandanan Nair, let me mention that the Author has dedicated this book both to his idol and ideal. His idol being Goddess Saraswathi – the Goddess of Wisdom and his ideal being his better half, Mrs. KB Valsalakumari. The Author has clearly mentioned that it is only because of the support of his wife and the blessings of Goddess Saraswathi, he has been successful in writing this book.

About the Author: Author Nandanan Nair, son of late N Ravi Varma Thampan & late Ammini Amma hails from Kerala, the southernmost state of India where the Philosopher Trinity, Adi Sankara, Chattambi Swami & Sree Narayana Gurudev were born to enlighten the whole world and alas! The Author is a graduate from Kerala University in Political Science and he is having a Post Graduate Diploma in Materials Management. The Author left his home state in 1978 in search of employment for Delhi. Moreover, after serving in two private organisations for few months, he joined University of Roorkee, which was his first State Government service. Later, he shifted to a Central Government job in Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee and at last, he settled in Northern Coalfields Ltd., Singrauli in MP (a subsidiary of Coal India Ltd.) for 30 long years until retirement as Senior Manager in 2011.

After retirement, Author Nandanan Nair settled in Mulamthuruthy, a small town away from Kochi city with his wife Smt. KB Valsalakumari & younger son N Shivprasad and his family.

Book’s Introduction: This book, Fireworks Of Humour – To See A Smile On Every Face Only To Make Human Life A Celebration by Author Nandanan Nair is a ‘Literary Fiction Novel’ which is written with a plain and simple aim to make the readers of this book smile. Through this book, the Author has commented on various issues of different categories and has presented his views upon them for the readers!

In this book, the readers will find several long and short chapters one after another, without being numbered. Well these chapters may serve the readers with a pleasing experience or they may provide the readers with some disturbing experiences too. Well, the Author’s aim to make everybody smile with his writing does not seem to be working when it comes to the chapters in this book. Moreover, the some of the write-ups in this book are indeed eccentric and can be regarded as a shallow attempt to create humour in a forceful manner.

Book Title: The title of this book, “Fireworks Of Humour – To See A Smile On Every Face Only To Make Human Life A Celebration” is again something that can be found bit eccentric due to the extra-long letters in them. In addition, due to the longevity of the book title it cannot be catchy, as the readers simply could not keep up with such a long title!

Moreover, the addition of ‘Sub-Title’ to this book has created an impression of even more forceful humour. Instead of using the prime keywords, the Author has used a complete sentence in his book title. In addition, the readers might find it odd to pick up a title like this where the book title and sub-title are too long to remember. Well, the Author had a great aim with his book but he simply failed to reflect that through the title of his book and this title cannot be regarded as an apt one for a literary fiction book.

Readers Connect: Through this book, Author Nandanan Nair has made an attempt to bring smile on the faces of his readers, well this is surely something for which the readers would give it a read. The whole aim of making the readers of the book happy is certainly adding value to this literary fiction title and showing the pure heart of the Author. The Author is openly giving the guarantee for laughter through his book is an attractive point for the readers and book lovers!

Verdict: A Book like “Fireworks Of Humour – To See A Smile On Every Face Only To Make Human Life A Celebration” is something very different from the normal literary fictional titles but yes it too ‘Deserves a Read’ by the readers. The book might be bit eccentric but it can be very amusing too for certain section of the readers.

Author Nandanan Nair has gave his best shot to create humour in his novel however; he has missed a few practical points in his writing. The Author should have taken care of the readers who lacks sense of humour and who can easily get offended by his writings. Therefore, at various points it seems to be a forceful attempt to create humour as the mention of political satires are too much, which may not be appreciated by all kinds of readers. Still, the Author must be given a chance for his honest work!

Book Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9354462588/

Reviewed By: Neel Preet

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