“Forever Mine: Love Through Disasters” by Swapan Karmakar book review

“Forever Mine: Love Through Disasters” by Swapan Karmakar book review

The unpredictability of life is one of the primary themes of contemporary writing. The infusion of the element with human lives makes literary writing more realistic and truthful in nature. At the same time, this style has found abundant expression in modern-day writing, and every time it is written, it just achieves a new dimension in uniqueness. A work bearing a powerful impression of this expression is “Forever Mine: Love Through Disasters” by Swapan Karmakar. While to many, the title may suggest a conventional plotline but only the ones who read would get to see a lot more twists and turns. This makes the novel not only attractive and exciting, but it also leaves the readers conjecturing about the plot now and then.

The cover of “Forever Mine” is simple yet suggestive of different interpretations. It gives the hint of the different lives that the author is set to explore since there is the presence of mere shadows and not actual human beings. This give clear indications that the text would be universal in nature instead of being particular or centered around one or two characters. The combination of colors also suggests the smooth flow of life with the unpredicted turns and surprises which could come at any juncture. The title, for once, may sound paradoxical and confusing to the readers as the title and subtitle do not exactly seem to be in agreement. But when the readers go through the book, they would agree to the relevance of both the title and subtitle in no time.

“Forever Mine” begins in a manner that would generally be unexpected and not anticipated by the readers. However, as the plot starts to develop, the author creates suspense that makes the readers ponder over the mysteries that the author has hidden in store. Alongside, the presence of multiple characters makes the text altogether and also introduces readers to the varieties of personalities that are present in the world and how their decisions influence their lives. This may also help in making Karmakar’s work relatable for the readers as it appears to be close to life and carries hints of being inspired by reality. The acts of the characters also show them as ordinary humans who are caught in their routines. It makes them appear as ordinary people who sometimes face extraordinary situations which they may not have thought of.

Karmakar’s book takes the readers in a universe where humans as flawed yet beautiful, driven yet fixated on the ones they love, aspire and yet settle with what life gifts them, live in the moment, and still plan for their future, regret their mistakes and yet live with them in the hope of a better tomorrow. All these elements make “Forever Mine” a text which appears more lively and close to the realities of life. In the midst of this, the author subconsciously brings the existential thought when the characters think over their life choices and how they have changed it for better or worse. This is something many readers may have done in different phases of their lives too.

If the plot is taken into consideration, the author builds it up through the viewpoints of different characters. While the other characters are seen through their eyes, it also gives the readers an insight into the characters narrating them. There is less chance of objectivity and more probability of understanding individual viewpoints closely. The storyline unfolds at a comfortable speed with a fusion of personal thoughts by the characters to justify their thoughts simultaneously. It also gives the text a sense of transparency and truthfulness. This gives “Forever Mine” the required personal touch to bring it closer to the readers and make their reading experience memorable and also filled with life-altering lessons. At the same time, Karmakar also drives the plot at a fine pace, without unnecessary digressions or detailing. He shares it all with accuracy and dexterity. So even the readers who may not have an inclination of reading books of a slightly larger length than the usual would find this book gripping.

The characters of “Forever Mine” spring to life the moment they are introduced by the author or by any of their counterparts. They have the flaws of an average human being; they have aspirations and dreams like any other human; they make mistakes like anyone and also try to make amends when they realize it. This leads to the action taking place in different places, even if it is continents apart. The readers who enjoy reading texts which have a closeness to life and also present reality without sugar-coating it would find Swapan Karmakar’s “Forever Mine: Love Through Disasters.” They would not only explore life through different eyes but also fall in love with it due to its unpredictability and beauty.

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