How Political Freebies Are Bankrupting India

How Political Freebies Are Bankrupting India

Let me begin by asking a few pinching questions, why are we so greedy? Why are we so lazy and why can’t we make efforts to earn things? Why do we call ourselves civilized when all we eye are the ‘Political Freebies’ from an election? It is very easy to criticize others, however when it comes to our own selves then we turn a blind eye and shamelessly defend our mistakes rather than accepting them. Most importantly, are we honest & truly dedicated when it comes to our country? We need to answer these questions honestly to ourselves and by doing so we will be able to understand that why still our India is not as progresses as the Western World Countries!

We need to think big and look at the bigger picture, we need to look beyond our own scope & understand that small & short-term favours by politicians are no good for us as these Political Freebies are ultimately going to ruin our nation only. We need to throw out such corrupt & cunning politicians out of power rather than voting for them in order to gain short-term benefits. Political Freebies are like those slow poisons, which may taste sweet in the beginning but ultimately would act as the highly deadly substances for us only. As these Political Freebies are only going to deplete the economy of our nation in the longer run.

Political Freebies are nothing but the CANCER to our society making us weak from inside & heavily dependent rather than becoming self-sufficient. Unfortunately, it is due to our greed for Political Freebies as citizens that we are still tied under the shackles even when the nation is independent. We can never achieve self-reliance if we keep our own greed on top of the nation’s priority and economic growth. Now, since we have completed 75 years of our independence we should eye towards becoming a self-sufficient & self-reliant as citizens because then only our nation will move faster on the roads of progress!

Eyeing for Political Freebies like ‘200 Units of Free Electricity’ or ‘Free Bus Tickets’or any other free facilities, we are only showing that how greedy we are as citizens. The even sadder part is that the people with higher income are taking advantages of these free & economic ruining schemes and voting for such political parties, which are pushing us towards economic crisis. Haven’t we learnt anything from the recent economic crisis that took place in Sri Lanka? The whole nation faced a serious turmoil both politically as well as economically and literally, the nation got burned down. Such incidents in Sri Lanka were the results of wrong economic policies of the Sri Lankan government, so it is high time for us to learn from them!

In a state like Delhi, which is already a developed region and is the capital of the nation, such FREE SCHEME policies are ran by the state government in name of welfare of the citizens. However, the truth is that the political party sitting on the throne of Delhi is simply consolidating its vote bank and pushing the state’s economy into darkness. Instead of focusing on some nation building development projects and world class infrastructural facilities in such an important city of the world, the current Delhi State Government is only focused on carrying out their advertisements in newspapers, news channels and hoardings in the public places.

Upon these ‘Endless Advertisements’ of the current Delhi State Government and Political Freebies such as: ‘200 Units of Free Electricity’ and ‘Free Bus Tickets’ or any other free facilities Crores & Crores Rupees of the Taxpayers’ money gets wasted. The people in this country are wise enough to understand that how these Political Freebies are ruining our economy. People very well understands that such Political Freebies are nothing but the tight slaps right on the faces of the honest taxpayers of this country and still they vote for such political parties for their short-term gains. Well, this is the biggest misfortune for our nation that not the enemy rather we the citizens of this country are only destroying our nation!

It is high time for us to uplift ourselves morally and become honest & truly dedicated towards our country. In this 21st Century, let us pledge to throw out such cunning political leaders out of the power, who are pushing the economy of our nation into darkness. Let us come together, build an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and achieve self-reliance rather than being dependent on Dark Schemes for the short-term gains. It is high time for us to look at the bigger picture and think about the economy of the nation rather than just thinking about our own short-term gains. Apart from India, all the other countries of the South-East Asia are facing serious political & economic crisis, be it Sri Lanka, or Pakistan, or Bangladesh, or Afghanistan, or even Nepal. We do not want to follow their footsteps, we want to be a growing economic power in the world; therefore, we need to choose a government that aims to make India – A 5 Trillion Dollar Economy.

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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