How to Overcome Your Fears

How to Overcome Your Fears

We, humans, must believe in our abilities or our potential that we have. If we do not understand this fact, we will most surely fail in Overcoming our fears.

The moment when we doubt our efforts, that is the point when our progress starts declining. ‘Who can understand you better than yourself?’ If you have the very faith in your abilities, you can, with time gain perfection in any difficult task that you pick. With your confident efforts, all the results will be in your side.

Be it Sports, be it Education or Music or any art,  what requires achieving success is the belief in your abilities. Don’t ignore this fact. If you underestimate yourself, others will also start ignoring you.

To conquer your ‘worst fears’,  you must have full faith in your abilities or potential. That is the main key to progress.

We all humans do have particular fear in us. Some people have a fear of heights. Some have a fear of flying in planes. Some have stage fear, etc. But do we realize that where the fear resides. This fear resides in our minds. Yes! It resides there and drives us towards failure. If we are not confident or trust in our abilities, we are bound to fail. Take an example of a good Swimmer who had won medal in the Olympics. If we ask him about his ‘road to success,  he will indeed mention the primary key to his achievement was his Self-belief or Confidence in his veins that drove him to Success. Unless one follows this, we can hardly reach the highest level of success, we want or desire in our life.

Also consider your own example, when you were a student, you must have the fear in scoring good marks in the subject you disliked.

For all students are not good in every subject that they read. Some dislike Maths as they find it boring and repetitive. Some dislike English for they think that they can’t do well in grammar. Others may have a hatred for difficult languages like Telugu,  Bengali,  Marathi, etc. But the ‘truth’ is that no subject is such challenging as they seem. It’s only in our heads; we create fear.  We ignore the fact that we can secure good marks in any subject we want by our diligent efforts and regular practice or learning. So, Practice also becomes another key to overcome our fear. We may fail in our first or second attempts, but we will surely overcome all our fears and achieve progress in any field we choose with gradual effort and practice. A stable career requires a sound mind and confident steps. So, never again think that you can’t overcome your worst fears!

Article By: Salma Afreen, The Literature Times

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