International Conference Explores Emerging Global Dimensions of Human Rights in the Contemporary Era at SVKM’s NMIMS University School of Law, Bengaluru Campus

International Conference Explores Emerging Global Dimensions of Human Rights in the Contemporary Era at SVKM’s NMIMS University School of Law, Bengaluru Campus

Bengaluru, 24th July, 2023: NMIMS Bengaluru School of Law, in association with the prestigious Boston University School of Law, successfully organized an international conference on the theme, “Emerging Global Dimensions of Human Rights in the Contemporary Era.” The conference took place at the NMIMS Bengaluru campus, attracting diverse participants from the field of law. Hon. Shri S.P Singh Baghel, Minister of State, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, and Member of Lok Sabha graced the event as the Chief Guest while Justice Sant Prakash, Chairman of Punjab Human Rights Commission was the keynote speaker.

The conference aimed to shed light on crucial issues concerning human rights in the contemporary era and foster an environment for insightful discussions and knowledge exchange. Distinguished speakers from various disciplines shared their expertise, contributing to a comprehensive exploration of the subject matter.

The conference featured 14 thought-provoking sessions and presentations of papers on topics such as the changing contours of gender justice, corporate liability under international human rights law, climate change and environmental justice, sustainable development and human rights, equality, non-discrimination and human rights, and health as a human right. These discussions stimulated critical thinking and inspired innovative approaches to addressing human rights challenges.

SVKM’s NMIMS University School of Law, with its strong commitment to academic excellence, and Boston University School of Law, renowned for its rich history in legal education, have jointly demonstrated their dedication to addressing the emerging challenges of human rights in the contemporary era.

Speaking at the conference, Shri. S.P Singh Baghel, Minister of State, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, and Member of Lok Sabha said, “Safeguarding and protecting human rights necessitates a collective endeavor involving governments, institutions, and individuals working together. I commend NMIMS Bengaluru School of Law and Boston University School of Law for organizing this enlightening conference, which emphasizes the importance of addressing emerging global dimensions of human rights. By engaging in insightful discussions and promoting knowledge exchange, we can work towards creating a more inclusive and just society.”

Justice Sant Prakash, while delivering his keynote address, said, “It is a proud privilege for me to deliver this keynote address at this prestigious international conference. These partnerships between educational institutions not only enhance knowledge but also strengthen international relations, fostering a global understanding of human rights. In the contemporary era, human rights have transcended geographical boundaries and become a universal concern. The challenges and opportunities of our time require a collective effort to protect and promote human rights.”

Addressing the conference virtually, Ms. Rebecca Pendleton, Faculty Director, at Boston University School of Law, said, “I am thrilled to join here today on behalf of my institution in the spirit of unity, collaboration and shared dedication to the promotion and protection of human rights. This conference serves as a platform for legal scholars, practitioners and students from different parts of the world to come together and engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and seek innovative solutions to the challenges faced by our global society.”

Commenting on the conference, Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Deputy Director of NMIMS Bengaluru, said, “This conference aims to foster a public dialogue on human rights. The theme is relevant as we navigate a complex landscape of technological advancements, environmental changes, and shifting social dynamics. Academicians, students, human rights activists, lawyers, and other stakeholders around the world must reflect upon these issues collectively and find meaningful solutions. I am extremely thankful to the prestigious Boston University School of Law for associating with us to organise this conference. I look forward to more collaborations with them in the coming years.”

Meanwhile, the School of Economics, NMIMS Bengaluru, conducted a unique inauguration program for its first-year batch of B.Sc Economics program, marking the beginning of the academic journey for the students of the 2023-2026 batch. A significant increase in the number of students enrolled in the B.Sc Economics program from the academic year 2023-24 as compared to 2022-23 has been observed. The event had Mr. Vivek V Nayak, an accomplished senior supply chain management professional with over sixteen years of experience in all aspects of the supply chain, as Chief Guest. Following the inauguration ceremony, the students participated in an engaging orientation program that aimed to familiarize them with the university, its resources, and the B.Sc Economics program.

Close on the heels of the School of Economics orientation program, NMIMS Bengaluru School of Law also conducted its orientation program for the incoming batch of students joining the BA LLB and BBA LLB programs. It aimed to familiarize the students with the institution, its values, and the academic curriculum, setting the stage for their successful journey ahead. In the current academic year, both the BBA LLB and BA LLB programs have shown a higher enrollment of female students compared to male students. The Chief Guest at the special event was Mr. Spandan Saxena, an expert in the legal field.

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