“It’s Just the Beginning” by Jayapratha Kannan – Book Review

“It’s Just the Beginning” by Jayapratha Kannan – Book Review

For every person, life brings a different set of experiences. It is the dreams that a person has that influence their decisions and the life that eventually follows. Therefore, every person’s life appears to be extraordinary in the face of the ordinariness with which it is lived. A similar resonation is found in “It’s Just the Beginning” by Jayapratha Kannan. Through the portrayal of an ordinary life amidst ordinary circumstances, the author concocts a story that appears to be deeply personal, inspired by the happenings of the present day, where the protagonist, Sara, is the torch-bearer of the narrative. She is also an incarnation of a person who is a product of different worlds and lifestyles and a representative of the contemporary youth. She resonates with the dreams that any individual would have and, consequently, the life choices that they make. Altogether, the author packs the novel with multiple streams of ideas conveyed majorly by an unnamed narrator or Sara’s consciousness.

“It’s Just the Beginning” as a title strikes as an interesting idea of the beginnings of not one but many things that unravel as the text unfolds before the eyes of the readers. While the narrative begins with Sara as a successful professional, it gradually dives deep into the beginnings of this journey and all the steps taken to mark the beginnings of many thoughts, ideas and actions, and the novel closes with another beginning. Hence, the idea of beginning has a repetition throughout the novel. These are also the factors that make the book increasingly relevant in the themes of hope, dreaming for a better future and being positive in all kinds of situations.

While Sara bears the torch of the narrative practically throughout the novel, it is the characters that appear that make a difference in contributing to the text and making her personality the way it comes across to the readers. As a character, she strikes as a determined, resilient, ambitious and hard-working professional. At the same time, her fierce independence, compassion, and ability to concur things beyond the surface are some other factors that strike the hearts of the readers in no time. Her dreams as a 19-20-year-old person incarnate the dreams of many readers of the present day and older readers when in the same age. As she grows up through her experiences, she emerges as a strongly relatable person for almost every reader. Eventually, it is her resilience to live the life of her dreams and living it too that takes “It’s Just the Beginning” to the level of a tale of inspiration. However, the author ensures that the readers do not miss out on the challenges that come along but living through them with courage is what makes the difference.

Even though “It’s Just the Beginning” is more of a tale of an individual, there are different moments when the striking difference between Indian and European culture and lifestyles finds its representation. The author makes use of her experience of having lived in Europe and draws interesting parallels to explain these differences. Thus, the novel also emerges as an account of the true observations and not just a product of imagination. In light of this, the novel is also recommended to readers who are interested in travel-based writing and creating an itinerary for their European travels. In addition, the book is also recommended to readers interested in reading a work of fiction that carries strong impressions of reality and finds its roots in the present world. It is also recommended to those readers who like to observe character growth and development through different phases of their lives as they become mature and successful in their chosen field.

Furthermore, what is striking is the narrative technique that the author follows. She keeps swinging the narrative between the past and present, which become the key driving force for “It’s Just the Beginning.” Swinging the narrative connects different streams of thought while it also helps the readers connect and draw parallels between the different stages of life that Sara has gone through and lives in. It also makes the novel appear to be realistic writing as memories form a major part of any person’s life, and going down memory lane is a common human experience. These factors and tools make the novel relatable for the readers and they connect with Sara as a person and less as a character.

“It’s Just the Beginning” has all the elements that would make it an instant favorite of the readers. In addition to weaving an interesting plot, the readers would find interesting and challenging situations where the outcome is determined by a person’s resolve and the determination to live life on her own terms. Therefore, the readers are urged to find out the beginning of many beginnings and connect with Sara’s thoughts simultaneously.

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