Jeff Bezos to step down as CEO of Amazon

Jeff Bezos to step down as CEO of Amazon

Jeffrey Preston Bezos, popularly known as Jeff Bezos, has decided to step down as the CEO of the e-commerce giant, Amazon. Andy Jassy, the chief of Amazon Web Services would be stepping into Bezo’s roles and responsibilities in coming July. Bezos said that he is taking this step in order to concentrate on other prospects he has. He also mentioned that he would continue to be a part of Amazon from its position.

With a net worth of $197 billion, the second most wealthy person globally, Bezos is also the owner of “The Washington Post” and the founder of the space exploration company, “Blue Origin.” Bezos began the journey of bringing an online revolution in 1994 when he opened an online bookstore in a garage, which later expanded. Every product of a person’s need was available. His philosophy of keeping everything customer-centric paid him off in the long term and contributed to bringing him in today’s position.

Bezos receives the James Smithson Bicentennial medal in 2016 for his work with Amazon.

Bezos is more energetic than ever as he states, “Never had more energy, this isn’t about retiring.” Bezos had already been delegating responsibilities to ensure the position exchange is smooth and does not affect the day-to-day operations. He had decided to step down last year. Still, the pandemic led to his taking control of the situation where he ensured that  Amazon is not just in a stronger position when the CEO chair changes hands but also growing when most organizations were in negative in terms of growth.

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