Journey of Perseverance by Priyambada Mishra: Book Review

Journey of Perseverance by Priyambada Mishra: Book Review

Starting a business is one of the challenges that needs to be handled with care and prudence. The idea of being an entrepreneurship excites almost everyone. But only those get ahead who are ready to learn things as soon as possible and embrace the challenges no matter what they are. The book “Journey of Perseverance” by Priyambada Mishra, which is divided in to eight sections is an intricately written book on entrepreneurship and its dynamics. The author has written about how one can learn through different phases of life to become an entrepreneur. The title signifies the key to become successful: Perseverance.

The author has shared an insight on what does it take to become an entrepreneur in detail in “Journey of Perseverance.” The first section of the book is about ideation and business model. In this section, the author has written about how one can develop an idea to start a business. She talks about significant questions like why it is necessary to have a vision for the business and how a vision for a business can be set. This is more or less the main idea in the first chapter of this section. Mishra shares what are the factors that keep a person going and what stops them. Vision drives an entrepreneur to work beyond his capabilities and achieve the goals. Fear of Rejection stops many people to take an action towards their dream of becoming an entrepreneur. One way or the other, the author highlights that even if the road may seem a difficult one to walk on, perseverance is what can help a person to get close to their goals and achieve them.

Mishra talks about one of the most crucial things that goes into the making of a business, the vision statement. She says that the vision statement must be designed very carefully for the business as it is an important aspect for the business. The canvas for business and the value proposition of the business must be prepared with caution. Planning must be very strategic in nature and an entrepreneur must set high expectations from oneself so that the business grows rapidly. The second section of the book is about market selection. The author has written about predatory research, power of targeting, power of positioning, creative influence, and psychology in this section of the book in detail.

The third section is about ideal communication model. This section is about swot analysis, market analysis, customer profiling, content strategy, content planning and scheduling. This section is practical and thus is an exciting to be read for those who are genuinely interested in entrepreneurship.

The fourth section of the book is about branding methodology. This section is

about brand designing, brand creation, brand positioning and everything related to brand. Branding is very important nowadays for each and every business.

The fifth section of the book is about breakthrough milestone. This section is about storytelling, insight, challenges, need tactics and such aspects of an entrepreneurship.

The sixth section of the book is about choreographic act. This section is about creating a concept, creating a plot and theme, practicing before performing and such related aspects of business.

The seventh section of the book is about evolving this time. This section is about adapting to changes easily, craving for changes, transformation, mindset and such aspects of being an entrepreneur.

The eighth and the final section of the book is about prediction of life design. This section is about identity, legacy, existence and such aspects of business.

Entrepreneurship is all about perseverance and thus the author has selected an appropriate title. As the book is written in detailed manner, it may seem lengthy to be read for many. But the manner in which Priyambada Mishra constructs and develops “Journey of Perseverance makes the readers forget this fact. The author has written the book in a language can be understood by all readers. The book is for those who are genuinely interested in being an entrepreneur.

“Journey of Perseverance” is a detailed discussion of how one must act to become an entrepreneur. Since one has to think in a way before they act, in that manner the book is a no less than a guide. Anyone reading the book can get an idea about how things must be done but the consequences may vary from situation to situation and hence the book is not an exclusive guide for an entrepreneurship. It can show the direction but the one who wants to become an entrepreneur will have to make decisions on their own. The book is also about the knowledge of marketing and market research and thus it can be read by marketers of new age. Marketing has varied aspects and is an interesting subject to be read as its implications are present in almost all the fields.

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