Journeying: The Eternal Companion by Gayatri Neena Nambiar – Book Review

Journeying: The Eternal Companion by Gayatri Neena Nambiar – Book Review

We human beings generally live our respective lives like a journey. Everyone’s life has a starting point, twists and turns, milestones, and ultimately a destination. Some of us spend most of our journeys as tangled in the complications of various issues covering different aspects of life – personal, professional, social, etc. Some others decide to find ourselves and get the path diverted a little from the usual. Out of these few people, some spend their whole life in finding themselves while some others succeed in doing that already, at one point in life. And in that case, some of those in the latter category decide to spread the awakening with fellow humans. Apparently, that’s how this book “Journeying: The Eternal Companion” came into existence. Gayatri Neena Nambiar, the author, started her journey of spiritual inquiry and discovery post-marriage. It is to be found-out by reading the book whether she has been able to find herself or not. If she has, what are her plans for the future? If she hasn’t, how long does she plan to keep searching?

Super-beautifully has she described her phases of life with pleasant keywords ranging from breeze, through innocence, bud, blossom to relaxation, peace, divinity and more. She has represented the best phases of her life so interesting that they are meant to excite the readers also with positivity. She has talked about those of her dreams which came true. Amidst all this, she hasn’t forgotten to mention about the challenges she faced and overcame on the way.

I believe the readers would be able to relate and connect to her words at many places while reading this book. Be it about childhood, first love or Motherhood.

To top all of that, she has kept the language as simple and friendly for even those who have just kickstarted their reading journey—those who have newly discoveredtheir passion for reading (and probably writing).

One of my favorite pieces from the book read as follows:

A Journey  from  Seeking  to  Finding

Gently Life communicated
What  you  are seeking is 
not  separate from  you,
Look,  observe  and understand
life  is  not  separate from  you,
Life  is  You,  You are  Life
alive  every  moment
With and within,
Understand its depth
Whenever  you are  lost
take  a deep breath and
remind yourself, embrace
yourself with closed eyes,
of deep knowing
Remember  this  truth,
Life alone Nothing else.

In meager words, she has said a lot. Profound meaning in sober words – that’s what it is like. This is just a sample. She has done such magic with words at numerous places in the book.

All in all, it is one of those books which you may or may not understand immediately on reading, but if even a part of it sits in your subconscious, you will see the miraculous outcomes soon. I’d confess it as one of the books, to which I, too was able to connect personally—a soothing read throughout. And as usual, team Evincepub has done great work bringing it out as well.

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