Kaushik Mhaiskar Talks About His Book “Basic foundations in physics for JEE and NEET”. -The Literature Times

Kaushik Mhaiskar Talks About His Book “Basic foundations in physics for JEE and NEET”. -The Literature Times

The Literature Times: – A heartfelt congratulation for the publication of your book “Basic foundations in physics for JEE and NEET”.

How has been the responses towards the book till now?

Kaushik Mhaiskar:- Thank you. Response is good. Many of my students have liked the book. Especially those in Std 9th and 10th who have just started their preparation for JEE and NEET.

The Literature Times: – You have taken a great step in writing such a book to clear doubts of lakhs of students appearing for the all India entrance examinations! What in real inspired you to do so and how has been the outcome?

Kaushik Mhaiskar: – Well I am in the field of entrance exam coaching for the last 20 years. Physics is a subject which students find difficult. So I thought of simplifying the subject so that everyone, even those who get very less marks, can tackle basics of Physics easily.

The Literature Times: – Was it difficult or easy to frame and conceptualize the minute details of the fundamentals of physics? How did you manage to put the critical key concepts in a precise manner through such formulas, concepts and exercises?

Kaushik Mhaiskar: -Being my favorite subject, I found it easy to put all my teaching efforts in the form of this book. The book is written in a simple language so that even the 9th or 10th Std students who want to start their JEE and NEET preparation can do so easily. The exercises given in the book at the end of each chapter will test the fundamentals of the students.

The Literature Times: – Have you been a student of this branch and found it difficult to cope with it in the beginning? If yes, how did you solve it? What technique do you want the students to follow?

Kaushik Mhaiskar:-In my college days, I remember spending more time in solving problems of Physics. I used to discuss the basic concepts with my classmates and teachers. Thus now also I encourage my students to clear their doubts before proceeding further with the topics.

The Literature Times:- For the reader it will be very helpful to solve some quality brainstorming questions after each chapter? How did you manage to frame it in such a manner?

Kaushik Mhaiskar:-That is through my own understanding of the concepts of Physics that I made the questions. I want the students to achieve 100% score in the chapter exercises before proceeding for the next chapter. The derivations and problems of each chapter is the result of my collection of class notes and tests of past 20 years.

The Literature Times: – How do you feel about the examinations then and now? How drastically it has changed over the past few years? How has been your experience with the examination from your time?

Kaushik Mhaiskar: –Earlier there was more of mugging up of the subject matter. Now there is more of detailed understanding of the concepts to be able to solve the entrance exam questions and even the board exams.

The Literature Times: – What makes your book different from the existing one’s like HC Verma or NCERT? What’s the most eye-catching factor from your book?

Kaushik Mhaiskar:-I will say that my book is written in a simple language so that any science student can grasp the fundamentals of Physics without any apprehension of the subject. Other books do not manage to remove the fear of the subject matter as is done in my book. Students will  find even the most difficult concepts taught in a simple way.

The Literature Times: – What kind of strategy do you personally suggest to the aspirants, especially for the physics portion of the examinations?

Kaushik Mhaiskar: –Keep in mind that Physics is a scoring subject. You will definitely get the answers right if you have put the efforts in understanding the concepts during your preparation of the subject.

The Literature Times: – In conclusion to the book, what message do you want to leave for the reader as well as the budding writers? In future, will you come up with more such books, containing relevant knowledge?

Kaushik Mhaiskar:-Stick to the basics and fundamentals of the subject when you are writing for the academic section. Also the language should be simple. I will be coming up with a book in Maths in the near future.

The Literature Times: – I value and respect your opinion so far and I really appreciate your words and very thankful to you for sparing your precious time in sharing your humble words.

More power to your pen. All the best.

Kaushik Mhaiskar:-Thanks so much.

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