Leadership in 100 Words: Simple tips for Complex Challenges by Author Mainak Dhar

Leadership in 100 Words: Simple tips for Complex Challenges by Author Mainak Dhar

New to leading teams and wondering how to inspire and lead those counting on you?
Struggling to lead your team through times of change and volatility?
Wondering how as a leader you can keep growing and creating a more fulfilling life and career?

Don’t you wish you had a personal mentor who could help you with these and other common leadership challenges?

Now you do.

Combining the experience and insights of a CEO with the storytelling of a bestselling author, Author Mainak Dhar provides thought-starters to help you find your answers to common challenges new leaders face. These are not long theories or complicated models but straightforward, simple and practical advice born out of two and a half decades of experience in the corporate sector and the wisdom of the many great mentors Mainak has been blessed with in his leadership journey.
Addressing your leadership challenges through straightforward, byte-sized answers-one hundred words at a time-this is your personal mentor, one that you can carry with you!”

Book Review: Leadership in 100 Words: Simple tips for Complex Challenges


Ever since the pandemic has hit everyone’s lives, everyone has been looking for a ray of hope that could catapult their lives to the better days. For that, the essential ingredient is to have clarity of thought in the first place. This would eventually lead to being motivated and driven, thereafter also chalking out the leadership qualities. Here is a book that centres around the idea of leadership and how a person can develop leadership qualities. “Leadership in 100 Words: Simple tips for Complex Challenges” by Author Mainak Dhar talks about leadership and what a person can do to learn it through daily life challenges.


When we ask kids who they want to be when they grow up, their immediate response is the name of the family member they idolize. A result of this inspiration is Mainak Dhar’s “Leadership in 100 Words,” where he states his maternal grandfather, mother, and father being the inspiration and influencing the leadership qualities he developed eventually in his life.

About the book

Dhar has mentioned the role of motivation in the development of leadership quality and has highlighted the role of a motivator in life in general. He also links motivation leading to the development of leadership qualities in a person through the examples of his maternal grandfather, his father, and his mother.

He has explained the role played in his life by motivators like his maternal grandfather, his father, and his mother. He also describes how he was inspired by observing positive qualities in these motivators and motivations further evolved him into a leadership role and established him in his work life in the corporate world. He honestly states how he observed their hard-working, resilient, determined, and perseverant nature, which led them to strive and not settle until they achieved their targets.

“Leadership in 100 Words” by Mainak Dhar is written very lucidly. He has mentioned the instance where he received several followers on his LinkedIn platform who were seeking guidance regarding the management of the problems they faced during their day-to-day affairs. His division of leadership into 3 groups would give the readers a broad idea about the author’s close observation of this skill.

Why should I read it?

For starters, the book is from a mind that is the CEO of a multinational firm. In addition, “Leadership in 100 Words” has already received more than 1 million views on LinkedIn alone. It will walk you through mentoring to leading self and eventually leading others in addition to leading through change and trouble circumstances. Above everything, the size of the book is an instant attraction. It is small, lightweight, and portable without taking too much space in your bag.

Who should read it?

Overall, it is meant for just everyone! Students, working professionals, even young kids. It would not only develop the quality of leadership in them, but it would also fill them with positivity and hope for a better tomorrow. The professionals who would be leaders of tomorrow can also try reading the product of Dhar’s experience.


“Leadership in 100 Words” by Mainak Dhar is not just a fragment born from the experience he has acquired in his lifetime, it is also a treasure to be relied upon by the coming generations. As times get tough, the challenges can be handled with such experience. Going back to this book time and again would not only educate the leaders of tomorrow but also prepare them for the challenges that they would face later on in life.

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