Let’s be the cacti… – Short Motivational Story by Bobby George

Let’s be the cacti… – Short Motivational Story by Bobby George

I like cacti. They needs little care. Yeah, not all are thorny and even if they are, it is their way of saying stay away from me. Most bloom some prettiest of the flowers. I like them rather I admire them. Their resilience inspires me.

They grow.

You slash, severe, chop or remove them from their mother stem. They still grow.

They grow wherever they are. Water or no water, they manage to keep alive. Rocks or soil, they find their footings. Nothing beats them.

In the pots, in the fields. In the garden in the barren, they find a way to grow. They survive in the driest of lands yet contain maximum moisture in them.

We humans are also like them, at times, we may falter when the onslaught in our lives are relentless and the terrain is rugged.

That is when you remember to be:

The cacti who refuse to die…

                                    Let’s be the cacti, who refuse to die

When the hope’s afar and the fear is nigh

Remember the cacti who refuse to die

They grow with friends and they grow with foe

They learn to live and thrive against the flow.

They grow in the gardens or in the pots

They grow in the barren or the mountaintops

When the tempest rages and rises high

Lift up your head and look at the sky

Let’s be the cacti who refuses to die

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