~ Portrays the importance of self-love and seeking help, re-writing your own narrative and the exceptional power of hope ~

‘Be you. Be real. That’s the best you can ever be. Life isn’t perfect. It is like the last page of your notebook. Erratic. Yet it is one of the best pages that has numerous stories to tell.’ – Stuti Changle

National, 5th May, 2022: National best-selling author, Stuti Changle, unveils her new novel, Where the Sun Never Sets. Published by Penguin Random House India, it is currently available on pre-order on e-commerce websites. Set in the context of COVID-19 lockdown, Where the Sun Never Sets is a riveting personal account of unforgettable childhood dreams, turbulent teenage years, complicated close relationships, human resilience, and the exceptional power of hope.

Stuti Changle, author of On the Open Road and best-selling title, You Only Live Once, captures the journey of the protagonist, Iti, who is forced to move back to her hometown of Mussoorie amidst worldwide lockdown to work on her first movie script. As she time travels through her old diary which documented her years of experience, she is compelled to take a decision for herself – to live in the nightmares of her past or to create her own path. The novel narrates her chance encounter with her first love, Nishit, reunion with her estranged best friend, Shelly, and nights spent reading her well-kept diary, make her best memories and worst nightmares come to life.

Speaking about the book, national best-selling author Stuti Changle says, “Set in the COVID-19 lockdown, my new book, Where the Sun Never Sets, is a heart-touching story with relatable characters that will help my readers find hope in the darkest of times.”

Where the Sun Never Sets chronicles a storyline of teenage experiences, fulfilment of childhood dreams and the never-ending journey of growing up. With an adventure of a lifetime during the lockdown, it is a captivating narration of a journey of introspection. It implores the readers to believe, create their own path, re-write their own stories and to always have hope.

Milee Ashwarya, Publisher, Ebury Publishing and Vintage, Penguin Random House India, says, “Stuti Changle is a best-selling writer of popular fiction. Her new book, Where the Sun Never Sets, is an inspirational fiction about never giving up on your dreams. I am delighted to publish it, and I hope the readers continue to shower their love on Stuti.”

About the author

Stuti Changle is a best-selling author. She won notable mentions in Amazon Kindle’s Pen to Publish 2018 competition for her first book On the Open Road. Her second book, You Only Live Once, became a national bestseller. Where the Sun Never Sets is her third book.

Stuti has a master’s degree in management from IMI New Delhi. She quit her corporate career to inspire people by sharing life-changing stories. She is often invited by prestigious institutions for speaker engagements, where she encourages young people to follow their dreams. She made her TV debut in 2019 as a host of the TV series Kar Ke Dikhaenge.

Stuti has sailed to the Andamans, camped with Indian jawans in Arunachal Pradesh, scuba-dived in the Indian Ocean, swum with the dolphins in the Mediterranean, floated free for hours on the island of Mallorca, and wishes to travel the world before she dies. Every year, she spends time in the coastal village of Palolem in Goa. She currently divides her time between India and the US, where she lives with her husband, Kushal Nahata, co-founder and CEO of FarEye.

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