Poetries By the Author Anita Gehlot- The Literature Times Vol.1 Issue 4

Poetries By the Author Anita Gehlot- The Literature Times Vol.1 Issue 4

About the Author-

Ms. Anita Gehlot (MA (English Literature), MPhil.( ELT), TEFL/TESOL) is currently working as an Assistant Professor of English and Communication Skills at Lachoo Memorial College of Science and Technology, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. She is a passionate teacher and an avid reader too. She has won many national and international certificates on virtual platforms for writing quotes and poems. Many of her poems were published in national and international magazines. She keeps reading her poems at various national and international poetry carnivals. Her research papers also got published in journals and anthologies. She is a member of the English Language Teachers Association of India(ELTAI).

Poetry-1-❤️The Gift of Love ❤️

The sweet smile of a little adorable baby,

the words flow while writing poetry.

Feet dancing upon a musical melody,

the shiny Sunshine tuning with darkness, composing a parody.

Pitter-patter of rain, and a rainbow afterwards,

cock-a-doodle-doo of resident roosters.

Carrying a baby in a woman’s womb

turning tiny steps into a human, by whom?

Who is He? Blossoming the flowers,

beautiful colors are magical powers.

Each and Everything, tranquil and pure like a dove,

the heartbeat of Nature, Nature’s gift of Love.

The Gift of Love for mankind and for humanity.

Which should not be forlorn, keep it high, for the sake of pride and dignity.

©Anita Gehlot, India


Poetry-2-The Unblessed Blessing

When fortune favours

luck dances

destiny becomes visible

dreams get wings and

passion rises

put love above the haters.

When life loses its taste

try another flavour

when sweetness bites

bitterness likes

be among God’s favourite

like a perpetual poetic saviour.

Show affection to the Creator

rejoice the carnival of soul

read faith

write peace

listen to hymns and

speak promises greater.

Everybody is unique

inventor and innovator

celebrate that uniqueness

poured in so divinely

in one way or another

right now or later.

To grow, rise and shine

build one strong elevator

one step up

one step down

to choose the favourite few

be the daring hidden dictator.

The most definite, powerful

Death, the truth bitter.

The Unblessed blessing

strength in failure,

everlasting glory,

a great redeemer, graceful,

Queen of all glitter.

©Anita Gehlot, India


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