Featuring Sakshi Thakare – A Young Writer from Nagpur Maharashtra Making Mark in Literary World

Featuring Sakshi Thakare – A Young Writer from Nagpur Maharashtra Making Mark in Literary World

Sakshi Thakare is an author and a student pursuing English literature. Sakshi is well known for her content creation on spreading positive vibes. She is a trooper who finds light even in the dark. At such a tender age of 21, she has accomplished a lot. This all comes her way only because of her passion for writing and sprinkling good vibes to her humans. Sakshi has already published her debut novel at the age of 19. Her fascination with writing and observing the stuff around headed her to write yet another Novel named “PEACE OUT, COVID.”
Sakshi said, “The world is collapsing due to this pandemic. We, humans, are feeling helpless and we are already drained mentally, due to all these. The way we need to be physically fit, just like that we need to be mentally healthy. The time which we are going through is too hazardous. To survive each day is a challenge. This all is like a nightmare. We all are suffering physically and mentally too. Doctors are there to take care of our physical health but what about mental health?
We need to be strong. We need to be together. We need to take care of our mind and heart. We need to make it fragile.
So this is the same tale as us.
The anecdote of Gatha. Who tested positive for Covid-19. This is an imaginary saga of Covid and Gatha. Where their conversation transpires. Covid tried to astonish Gatha. But Gatha is a robust lady. Will Gatha remain vigorous till the end and win this battle with Covid? OR will Covid defeat Gatha by depleting her?

Basically, it’s all about the war between the humans and Covid. It’s about being strong against that devil. It’s about taking care of our mental health in this difficult time.
It’s about the Gatha who is full of sunshine and Hope still she got Covid. Now the thing is how she fought and how she survived?
To know every twinkling of this fiction, peep into the tale which is available on Amazon Kindle as an ebook.
Sakshi has a message for all of you _
Cheers to the unbelievable experience of your life. Cheers to your smile and tears.
We are waiting to hug our humans.
To travel again.
We are waiting to watch the world Covid free.
We are waiting to gaze at everything NORMAL.

It definitely will. But for now, let’s mask up, let’s stay home. Let’s maintain social distancing. And let’s get vaccinated super soon. Let’s keep our mind and heart full of sunshine and hope. Let’s stand together. We will overcome this. Because everything that happens is not permanent, definitely this too shall pass.

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