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Say “No” to Hair Keratin

Saying “No” to Hair Keratin is the most beautiful gift you will be giving to your hair. Trust Me. Hair Keratin is the only temporary happiness you will get, but you don’t know what price you will pay for your hair’s future. Fleeting beauty always has a heavy price.

What Is The Hair Keratin Treatment?

Before delving into the details of keratin, let’s first define what keratin is.

But as lifestyles have changed, our hair is exposed to a lot of sun and pollution that often makes the keratin level go low, resulting in dry and frizzy hair with zero shine!

The keratin treatment promises smooth and glossy hair. However, the treatment does not promise silky hair; you can look forward to loose strands regarding your hair type. For example, curly hair would have loose curls, while wavy hair would have much strainer hair.

How Is It Done?

To begin, it is imperative that you thoroughly wash and blow dry your hair. The hair stylists will then apply the keratin solution and allow it to set. Please note that this treatment is not to be confused with hair bouncing. Once the solution has been applied, the hair stylist will straighten your hair to finalize the process. It would be best to avoid washing, tying, or covering your hair headbands or clips for the next 48 hours. Additionally, hair stylists highly recommend utilizing a range of aftercare products to maintain incredible results in the long term effects.


Keratin Treatment Pros And Cons

Knowing the keratin treatment’s pros and cons is essential, as you might damage your hair otherwise.

Keratin Treatment Pros

  • Zero frizz
  • Your hair is more manageable now
  • The treatment adds a glossy look to your dull hair.
  • You save a lot of time styling your hair.
  • It takes less time (approx 3 hours) to be done compared with other treatments like rebonding.
  • Easy hairstyling

Keratin Treatment Cons

  • If your hair lacks volume, the treatment will flatten it further.
  • Does not last for more than three months
  • If you have long hair, the treatment can get expensive
  • Needs special care to be taken post-treatment, like using a certain kind of hair product only
  • You cannot use tight hair bands or accessories as that can affect the treatment layer on the hair
  • Not recommended for straight hair

Everything You Should Know About The Hair Keratin

Hair Keratin has become an essential part of women’s life. Or my personal opinion here is that Keratin Treatment has been the source of income for every Salon nowadays. A keratin treatment is a procedure which often smoothes and straightens the hair. Alternatively, it could be called a Brazilian keratin treatment or blowout. It consists of applying products to the hair, brushing, and sealing it with a flat iron. Keratin is a natural component of your skin, hair and nails. A keratin treatment adds keratin to your hair, which can help reduce frizz, enhance shine and strengthen the hair. Moreover, keratin treatments may make your hair straight if you have curly or wavy hair. However, keratin treatments can also have undesirable side effects and present some safety problems.

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The most dangerous step in Hair Keratin is IRONNING

Side effects of hair keratin treatment

1. Not suitable for long-term hair health

Keratin treatment is not suitable for the health of your hair. It does seem your hair straighter and smoother, but it can be damaging.

2. Can cause hair fall

One of the biggest concerns and side effects of keratin treatment is hair fall, especially if done frequently. That’s why it should be wholly avoided in the hair fall phase and limit its use to once a year.

3. Thinning Hair

Keratin makes your hair thin, thinner and much more. Due to hair thinning, you lose the natural volume of the hair. Each time you do hair ironing, you lose considerable amounts of hair. You have no idea; due to ironing your hair, your hair becomes thinner, and suddenly your scalp becomes visible. You even lose the natural volume of your hair.

So if you are considering trying it, keep the side effects of keratin in mind.

“Whatever hair texture we got from God, it is beautiful. Do not go for artificial treatment; your healthy hair has to pay a heavy price. Getting involve in Hair Keratin is like doing suicide of your hair.

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