Dr. Rakhi Sharma Talks About Her Poetry Book “Paresha Zulfon Sa Ishq”

life, ups and downs actually I am a bit shy to say anything in front of people or I would say that any other person, so I chose to write whenever I want to express my feelings and emotions. It’s comfortable and easy way to express in written words than verbal words.

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Pardeep Pathak Talks About His Book “Dil Ki Tamanna”

Pradeep Pathak is working in an automobile company for living and a poet by heart. He explores the interconnectedness of all human beings and his poems will take you across time, expose you to the nature and circle of life. In the times of COVID-19 pandemic, he contemplates his idea of life and human emotions closely and try to pen down his thoughts into words. Through his poetry collection , he is celebrating childhood memories,personal reflections and lived experience to form immediate emotional connection with the readers. He used very lucid language to create actual images in the mind of readers. He believes poetry gives purpose in life, vent to the emotions and settle down the thoughts which are queer.

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Thapan Dubayehudi Talks About His Action and Adventure Book “Selah: The Jewish Avengers”

When the same Evil, that inspired the Nazis, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs to persecute the Jews returns with a vengeance, Eliyahu Wylde, an unsuspecting orphan who runs a café in Old City Jerusalem finds himself sucked into a vortex of his past with the Russian mafia and a hatred as old as time. The gripping spiritual-fantasy thriller takes you from India, Israel, Russia, France, to the metropolis of New York, the frigid mountains of Norway, the unforgiving sands of Saudi Arabia, and the Concentration Camps of China…

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